6 Animated Superhero Films On ZEE5 Kids That Will Make Your Child Jump With Joy

From Space Guardians to Vir Ka Mahasangram, here's a list of highly entertaining superhero films that your child can watch on ZEE5 Kids.

1. Space Guardians

Space Guardians
Source: Zee5

Superhero stories are such that they have the power to please children and adults alike. These gifted beings make us believe that only good can conquer evil. They also make us realise certain morals and values while entertaining us with their awesome antics. So to make sure your child stays entertained during the #lockdown, here are some animated superhero films on ZEE5 Kids. These highly entertaining, action-packed films will surely make your child jump with joy!

We begin the list with Space Guardians, a film based on an elite group of aliens who are tasked to stop an evil cat robot. The cat robot is out to destroy the entire galaxy and it is up to the Space Guardians to prevent the impending disaster. Follow the adventures of Squeak and Ham Sanders in the awesome-sauce journey to save the world!

Watch Space Guardians here.

2. Vir Ka Mahasangram

Vir Ka Mahasangram
Source: Zee5

If your child enjoys watching Vir The Robot Boy, here’s an equally amazing animated film based on this character. However, the story is much more complicated this time as Vir prepares to battle it out with Mad Max. Will Vir succeed in defeating Mad Max again or will the latter take over the world? Watch the ultimate battle of Vir here.

3. Hero No. 1

Hero No. 1
Source: Zee5

Another flick from the popular Vir The Robot Boy series, is Hero No. 1. This time around, our favourite superhero Vir faces trouble in the form of Cat Mona, Timbaktoo who disguise themselves to defeat him. Vir foils all their attempts after discovering that Mad Max is the mastermind. Catch the adventures of Vir in the film here.

4. GG Bond Ultimate Battle

GG Bond Ultimate Battle
Source: Zee5

This film is based around a virtual universe called the Fairy World which is guarded by GG Bond. Accompanied by his friends, GG Bond combats monsters to bring peace to this world. Watch how he saves the Fairy World in the final battle with the dark world here.

5. Automicron: The Alliance

Automicron The Alliance
Source: Zee5

As we all are aware, it all started with the big bang; the stars, galaxies, planets, and everything else emerged from this. But is there something more to this universe? Automicron: The Alliance is a story that revolves around two robots who discover the truth and struggle to keep it intact. Check out the film here.

6. Gunja A Wonder Girl

Gunja A Wonder Girl
Source: ZEE5

Not all superheroes, wear capes. Gunja is one of them! It is a story of an ordinary girl living in a small village in India. She likes helping people in her village and her act of sacrifice earns her the title of ‘wonder girl’. Isn’t it great to have a superhero amongst us? You can stream the film here.

All that the world needs right now is a superhero, so let us be one! Be a superhero and stay at home.

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