6 Indoor Games You Can Play At Home Like Kidnap Star Rukmini Maitra

Stuck at home? Here are some indoor games you can entertain yourself with. Check out!

1. Chess

Source: Pixabay

Rukmini Maitra, star of the hit action film Kidnap, recently rediscovered her love for the game of chess, and we suggest that you explore this classic game too! A game of strategy and calculation, this one will give you mental exercise while keeping you entertained as you watch her in this latest Bengali film below.

2. Jenga

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is a game that comes with several wooden blocks which one has to stack one on top of another to build a tower. The goal is to get all the way up without it coming crashing down, at which point the game is over!

3. Card games

Source: Pexels

It is always a good idea to invest in a set of cards, which you can always turn to in such times and play a plethora of games like Spade and 29. However, even if you don’t have these, there are several card games that you can just play online, so go ahead and start dealing!

4. Categories

Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery

This is a fun one where you will be presented with a category, for example, ‘animals’, on which you have to quickly come up with different ideas in the same. You can play this with other people at home, or even online if you so prefer.

5. Pictionary

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Here, one team has an opposing one guessing a word, on which a member of the opposing team has to draw it out while his teammates try to guess what it is. This one can yield a lot of hilarity while playing depending on the drawing and the resulting guesses, so try it out!

6. Scrabble

Source: Pixabay

A board game, Scrabble is amazing fun if you love words and forming them on the board using different tiles– each with a letter on it. Every letter has a number of points attached to it, and you score a total of all the letters you use. This one tests your vocabulary while making you wrack your brains about word placements to win the most number of points.

Which of these is your favourite indoor game? Tell us in the comment section below!

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