6 Moments Between Madhu And Mrudula Of Ninne Pelladatha That Are Filled With 2XTheLove

This Valentine's week, let's take a look at 6 of the many moments between Ninne Pelladatha's Madhu and Mrudula that epitomise pure romance

Love in disguise

Zee Telugu show Ninne Pelladatha is popular amongst many youngsters because of its youthful and universal approach to love stories and marriages. The couple, Madhu and Mrudula, played by Prathap and Madhubala have always been the most-loved ones. Over the past 490 episodes, the show has entertained us and has given many romantic moments that truly melt our hearts. With Valentine’s Day being around the corner, we look at the few moments between Madhu and Mrudula that are full of love.

Here’s one from the recent past! When Mrudula disguised herself as Sampangi, Madhu failed to recognise his wedded wife. But Madhu’s heart pulled him towards the new girl around him. This is probably the reason why love is never stringed together with love, but is said to be a matter of hearts.

Love is in overcoming struggles together

Although Madhu and Mrudula have been married only for a year, they have seen multiple ups and downs. We would say, they have seen more lows than any other couple, factual or fiction. They have learned early on that struggles and obstacles can only be defeated when they match steps with the other one.

Love is choosing them before yourself

There have been times, like the one above, when Mrudula has taken more effort than required to make Madhu happy. Most of the times, Mrudula wouldn’t even think twice to do something at the cost of her own life for Madhu. Having said that, Madhu is no different when it comes to keeping his wife happy.

Love is in finding each other at every turn in life

With one villain for every well-wisher, we’ll it for your imagination to assume how difficult the couple’s life must have been. Avid followers of the show must have lost the count of the times they were separated. But what matters is that they find a way back to each other, time and time again. And all these struggles later, they stand together happily.

Love is in being there for one another

Call it a good-timing or just the sixth sense, something about being in love makes you closer to your person. And that is exactly what has been keeping Madhu and Mrudula from hitting the ground.

Love is in fighting the odds together

Madhu and Mrudula have had plenty of problems. Sometimes these problems required a solution that would cost them their happiness. But Mrudula and Madhu did it, they went ahead and did whatever it took to make sure their problems were at bay.

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