6 Reasons To Grow Plants At Home Like Some Of Your Favourite Stars

Nurturing plants is beneficial for several reasons, just like actors Chandan Roy Sanyal and Ritabhari Chakraborty. We tell you why you should too!

1. You Can Grow Your Own Produce

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No matter where you live, plants can be a great way to jazz up your environment and take your home decor to the next level. A simple hack to upgrade your surroundings, keeping indoor plants come with a plethora of benefits. Just ask some of your favourite stars on television–actors Ritabhari Chakraborty from Shesh Theke ShuruChandan Roy Sanyal from Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar, and Ushasi Ray from the serial Bokul Kotha have all started growing plants at their homes. We tell you why you should, too!

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One of the foremost advantages to keeping a plant is that you can choose to grow a produce of your choice right in the comfort of your home. Take a look at these chillies that Chandan Roy Sanyal has got blooming from his. Isn’t that cool? You can try lemons, tomatoes or whatever suits your fancy, too.

2. Improve The Air

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Plants help purify the air around them by releasing moisture that increases the humidity, which helps prevent respiratory infections. They also remove toxins such as from cigarettes and poisonous chemicals like formaldehyde. Check out this nursery Ritabhari Chakraborty has planted and created in her home with her sister in old coffee mugs:

3. Helps You Sleep Better

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Some indoor plants can actually improve the quality of your sleep with a soothing effect that they give off, which can, in turn, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure and heart rate. Lavender, jasmine and gardenia plants are just a few examples of these plants. Remember to place them in your bedroom, and see the effect they have.

4. Perk Up Your Decor

Indoor plant
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Indoor plants make great additions to the decor and overall aesthetic of your home. They need not be expensive or high maintenance and go a long way in brightening up the environment around you. In short, they can improve the look of your place while bettering its air quality too!

5. Elevate Your Wellbeing

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Just the act of nurturing a plant is guaranteed to improve your mood. Taking care of it will give you the satisfaction that comes with cherishing the life of another living species, and make you feel great. Look at how Ushasi Ray has implemented this into her life:

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Blooming in quarantine 🌿☘️

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6. Health Ingredients

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Plants can yield some of the best ingredients you can use to aid health and beauty. Aloe vera pulp has a multitude of benefits, including cooling irritated skin, soothing burns and injuries and even improving the health of your stomach. Consuming basil or tulsi leaves too, prevents respiratory illnesses and bacterial infections. The paste of neem can also keep acne at bay, so you can plant any of these to suit your needs.

Which of these reasons did you like the most reason to keep plants at home? Tell us in the comments below.

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