6 Sensational Movies You Can Grab The Popcorn And Watch Right Now On ZEE5

Have a gala month with these sensational movies starring some of the biggest superstars.

1. Inspector Notty K

Films are a great way to enjoy your time. Be it a holiday or just a free weekend, you can just sit down and do a movie marathon. As ZEE5 turns two, we bring you a wide collection of sensational movies which you can watch on ZEE5.Check out these six sensational movies you can watch on the platform.

With brilliant action scenes, Jeet’s performance wins us over in this film. Inspector Notty K tells the story of an inspector, looking to impress his senior by promising him that he will bring his daughter (played by Nusrat Faria) back from Italy. However, in the meantime, he falls head over heels for her. Interesting love story isn’t it? Watch it to find out more about the story.

2. Panther: Hindustan Meri Jaan

Panther: Hindustan Meri Jaan is an action-thriller focusing on the life a RAW agent, who is willing to lay his life down for his country. This movie will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, thanks to the action-packed scenes and nail-biting thrills. From comical elements to intense scenes, this movie will instill a sense of patriotism in you.

3. Eagoler Chokh

Eagoler Chokh is a unique detective story featuring the detective Shabor Dasgupta (played by Saswata Chatterjee) who has to investigate the murder of a woman. The movie follows the case, which is filled with mysteries and suspense. Watch this interesting story which deals with the conflict of good and evil.

4. Praktan

A unique story of love lost and found, Praktan brought back the superhit pair of Rituparna Sengupta and Prosenjit. They meet during a photo tour conducted by Prosenjit’s character and fall in love. They eventually get married too. However, the love doesn’t last and they get divorced. Years later, during a train ride from Howrah to Mumbai, they come across each other. The catch? Prosenjit’s character is now married again and has a kid.

5. Jyeshthoputro

Jyeshthoputro is an intense Bengali family drama film which won the hearts of many! The movie focuses on the story of the conflicts that spark between two sons after the demise of their father. Both the sons have a different approach to life which leads to these conflicts. How they deal with their problems forms the crux of the story. Watch the movie starring Prosenjit and Ritwick Chakraborty for some riveting performances.

6. Ekchakra

With a star cast of Priyanka Rati Pal, Indrasish Roy and Sugato Roy, this ZEE5 Original action movie shows the various issues prevalent in our society. By focusing on the life of Zoya Rehman, a honest female cop, who fights against an influential mafia gang, the movie speaks about the issue of human trafficking.. Watch the movie here.

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