7 Best ZEE5 Tamil Songs Playlist For Maximum Productivity While You Work From Home

Now transform your day from dull to vibrant by listening to these 7 soundtracks while you work from home.

Music Playlist

Did you know listening to music as you work improves accuracy, speed and overall efficiency? Well, we are not implying this, studies say so. Interestingly, a good playlist can not only blocks out distractions but also helps you to put you in the right frame of mind to get the job done. If you haven’t tried it yet, then now would be the time to do it.

In case, you’re like me and only filter coffee and music fuel your mornings, then you have landed on the correct page. While your Amma fetches hot filter coffee to your table as you work, you could hit this playlist on loop, which will help you to focus and get pumped up, transforming your day from dull to enthusiastic.

We know it’s only Tuesday but stay awesome. So, here we bring you a little music treat in the form of these 7 soundtracks that will make for a piece of perfect background music while you work from home due to Coronavirus outbreak. These peppy tracks, that are currently streaming on ZEE5, are sure to keep you calm in the pandemic panic.

Are you a headphone enthusiast or you prefer to blast your tunes at full volume? Well, who cares! Play the way you want and you can thank us later for the playlist; It will give you all that you need!

Ka Ka Ka Kaathalaa – Igloo


This passionate and romantic track Ka Ka Ka Kaathalaa from ZEE5 Original’s Igloo will get you lost in the soaring vocal performance. We are literally obsessed with this song. And if you too like your songs epic, then Ka Ka Ka Kaathalaa is the one for you.

Kalyaana Vayasu – Kolamaavu Kokila


Nayanthara and Yogi Babu’s song Kalyaana Vayasu from the film Kolamaavu Kokila is a fun track. It’s about Yogi Babu singing his love for Nayanthara. This toe-tapper will surely put a smile on your face, even when you’re witnessing the most tedious task. The humour in the lyrics and Anirudh’s vibrant voice makes it a hit.

Konjalaai – Yatchan


The song Konjalaai from the film Yatchan, that spells love and romance in the best way possible, is soothing to your soul and quite easy on the ears. This solid dose of “feel good” track is the best remedy for productivity loss.

Whistle Podu – Unarvu


Unarvu’s Whistle Podu is the go-to song if you’re struggling to concentrate. Not only it blocks out your distractions but it also keeps you productive. It’s surely a worthy addition to your playlist.

Engleesu Lovesu – Pakkiri 


Feeling overwhelmed by your workload? Dhanush starrer Pakkiri’s Engleesu Lovesu is the perfect remedy. It’s a calm and joyful track in Dhanush’s voice, that’s certain to soothe your soul.

The Theme – Thee Mugam Dhaan – Nerkonda Paarvai 


Thee Mugam Dhaan from the film Nerkonda Paarvai is the latest anthem for Ajith fans. And even if you’re a Rajini fan, you’re still going to love this power-packed energetic song. While the song has been crooned by Sathyan, Senthil Dass and Sarath Santhosh, the powerful lyrics have been penned by Pa Vijay.

Wake Up – Dopeadelicz & Dope Daddy


Wake Up by Dopeadelicz and Dope Daddy is a heavy beat track that will keep you awake and motivated as you work into the small hours.

Which one did you like the most? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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