Revisit These 7 Iconic Funny Dialogues From ‘Welcome’ On ZEE5, Your #TicketToBollywood

The craze for Welcome has failed to die out even after 10 years. These are some of the funniest dialogues from the film, streaming on ZEE5 for Free.

7 funny dialogues from the film Welcome

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Welcome was released in 2007 and we are still going back to re-watching it in 2020! This film is making a strong case for being one of Bollywood’s timeless classic comedies. The film stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, but the characters Uday Shetty, Majnu Bhai, Dr. Ghungroo, and RDX stole the limelight. Here are some of the funniest lines we could remember from the film.

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1. Ghungroo and Majnu's conversation

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Majnu bhai calls up Dr. Ghungroo, and threatens him to give four crores as hafta (protection money). However, Ghungroo comes up with this classic line which made the actors laugh in the film too. The whole phone conversation in itself is comedy gold.

2. Uday Shetty's Visiting Card

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Whenever Uday Shetty wants to threaten someone without using a gun, he sends this guy out. He tells a story of how dangerous Majnu and Uday can be. However, the biggest joke is that he always ends with ‘aadmi acche hai’.

3. Rajeev's threat to Majnu

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Rajeev thinks Sanjana’s brother, Uday, is a very powerful man, but not a don. He goes to Majnu to inform him that he has found someone more powerful than him, and his brother, Shetty Bhai. Unaware that Rajeev doesn’t know Uday is Shetty Bhai, Majnu tries to think who is more powerful than him, and can only think of one man: George Bush!

4. Majnu insults RDX's son

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When Majnu and Uday greet their super boss, RDX, he brings his son along. RDX’s son leaves his father to go with his friends. RDX jokingly calls his son half-mad, when Majnu goes with the flow and calls the boy full crack.

5. Uday Shetty's biggest dialogue as an actor

Dialogues from Welcome
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This might be the funniest scene in the entire film. Uday Shetty begins his first day as an actor, and reads his lines and reads this objectively stupid line as if it was Gulzar’s poem, making the scene funnier. His opening dialogue ‘Aloo le lo!” was equally popular too.

6. The Municipal Commissioner's threat

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The municipal commissioner tells Uday Shetty that he is going to break down the illegal house he has built. He also funnily asks Uday to not get scared of him, because he only looks dangerous. In the end, Uday asks his men to help the commissioner, and after a while he returns with this gem.

7. RDX's catchphrase

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Welcome was one of the last films of the late Feroz Khan, before he passed away. This line from the film is filled with irony now. Even in the film he finds the most odd moments to use this line, which surprisingly goes with every emotion.

The special mentions that didn’t make our list include, ‘Bhagwaan ka diya sab kuch hai’ by Uday Shettym and ‘Ghoda bhi soch raha hoga kis gadhe ko bitha liya’ by Uday Shetty’s film director.

Which was your favourite line from this film? Let us know in the comments below. Watch Welcome and Welcome Back both streaming for free on ZEE5.