7 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga Like Legendary Malayalam Actor Mohanlal

International Yoga Day is around the corner and here are #7 ways you can benefit from it just like our favourite actor Mohanlal. Scroll down to read.


Ever wondered what’s the secret to legendary Malayalam actor Mohanlal’s evergreen looks and electrifying on-screen presence? It is none other than yoga! Yes, you read that right. Actor Mohanlal is one of the many celebrities from the Malayalam film industry who promotes and urge his fans to practise yoga.

Even at the age of 60, the actor amuses us with his action-packed movies and versatile acting. International Yoga Day is almost here and here are seven reasons why you should also start practising the ancient art to remain fit.

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#1 Celebrity secret

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Mohanlal includes yoga in his fitness routine and always updates his feed with crazy asanas pictures on the mat. The legend of the Malayalam film industry makes sure that he doesn’t miss his yoga routine. Even actors like Manju Warrier, Mamta Mohandas, Trisha and Aru G Raghavan have included yoga in their fitness routine.

#2 Improves flexibility

Moving and stretching in different asanas will help you become more flexible than before. You can achieve improved flexibility in your hamstrings, lower back, shoulders and hips. Improved flexibility is seen in yoga practitioners even after they age.

#3 Improves core strength

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As a result of gaining strength from the different asanas, holding and stretching, one of the benefits of yoga is improved core strength. Got amused at Lalettan lifting heavyweights in his work out videos even when he is not built like a bodybuilder? With time, yoga can thus improve your core strength, making everyday chores effortless.

#4 Reduces stress

If you are someone looking for an effective stress-buster after a long day at work, yoga is the answer! The time spent on your mat helps you in concentrating and achieving calmness of the mind. Yoga also introduces you to several meditation techniques to focus on your breathing and to disengage from unwanted thoughts.

#5 Improves balance

With the many poses that improve core strength, an added benefit from yoga is balance. Inversions and poses where you stand on one leg can help improve breathing and balance as you get older. The many postures and asanas also help you in achieving a better posture.

#6 Better breathing

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A major part of yoga concentrates on breathing techniques. Even when we don’t concentrate much on our breathing in our daily life, exercises like Pranayama in yoga, help you achieve calmness and reduce stress with breathing. Deeper breaths also result in benefits for the entire body, including blood circulation and respiratory health.

#7 Less space and more benefits

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With plenty of tutorials available on the Internet, yoga can be practised by people of all ages in any sort of space. Be it your apartment, your garden or your office, yoga is the best 10-minute break that helps you stay fit mentally and physically. Yoga can also be practised as a supplementary exercise after weight training or any sort of work out.

Tell us what you love the most about yoga in the comments below!

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