7 Sensational Criminal Cases You Should Watch On ZEE5, From The Chargesheet To The Verdict

Catch the best of ZEE5 Original crime thrillers and courtroom dramas including recently released Code M and The Chargesheet.

1. Code M

Crime investigations and courtroom trials have one thing in common – Their search for the truth. This search for truth is what makes movies and series based on trials and investigations interesting to audiences. Whether you like intelligent crime thrillers like Code M or courtroom dramas like ‘The Verdict: State Vs Nanavati’ ZEE5 has got you covered.

Code M, starring Jennifer Winget and Rajat Kapoor in leading roles, is the right blend of action and investigation. It keeps the audiences interested while touching upon important topics of caste and religious discrimination within the military. Jennifer Winget as the army lawyer uncovers a case that turns out to be truly significant.

2. The Chargesheet: Innocent Or Guilty

The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty is another show that investigates a murder. This time it is the high-profile murder of a national champion athlete, Shiraz Malik. The series is sensational and scandalous with double crossings, backstabbings and a deadly extra-marital affair, all in eight episodes.

3. Rangbaaz And Rangbaaz Phirse

When you talk about criminals it doesn’t get bigger than gangsters. The Rangbaaz series on ZEE5 tells the stories of two of the most deadly gangsters in our country, Shiv Prakash Shukla in the first season and Amarpal Singh in the second season. Saqib Saleem and Jimmy Sheirgill, respectively, play the roles of these two gangsters who were hunted down by the cops and politicians together.

4. Police Diary 2.0

Police Diary 2.0 is a ZEE5 Tamil original series also available in Hindi. This series takes true crime stories and the investigation that went behind it. This series takes a new crime and dissects it into two part episodes that are engaging, to say the least.

5. Posham Pa

Posham Pa‘ is a movie about the first women duo to be awarded the death penalty in India, Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde. This ZEE5 Original movie uses crime and suspense to show the horrible conditions of criminals and has an ending that you will not expect.

6. The Verdict: State V/s Nanavati

A story about the most sensational case in India in the truest sense, this series is a long and detailed account of the case on Naval Commander Nanavati for killing Karan Ahuja. This series is different from other re-tellings of the case, like Rustom, because it stays true to the details of the case.

7. Kaafir

Kaafir is the true story about a young Pakistani mother who comes to India under unusual circumstances and is unable to go back home. This story is inspired by true events and focuses on the unique bond between the mother (Dia Mirza) and her lawyer (Mohit Raina). This is a story about finding love as much as it is about finding the truth.

Which of these was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. Watch the trailer for the upcoming ZEE5 Original Judgement Day, a crime drama about a rape and murder case, releasing both in Hindi and Bangla.