7 Street Foods You Need To Try In Kolkata If You Are A Foodie Like Bijoya Star Jaya Ahsan

We agree. The options are unlimited. We got you some top picks of yummy dishes.

1. Phuchkas

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Kolkata is famous for a lot of things, be it the rich art and culture that the city boasts of, or the Durgo Pujo which has become an annual carnival that is India’s official nomination for Unesco’s 2020 list of cultural institutions from all over the world and can soon become a part of the world heritage site list. But what tops the cake is the food. From five-star hotels to street-side stalls, there is no beating Kolkata when it comes to food. In fact, in a recent survey, Kolkata has been found to be the best destination for street food. With such wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available, there’s little wonder that our mouths water every time we think of Kolkata street food. Seems like our celebs are no exception. Bijoya star Jaya Ahsan, for instance, is one such who loves fuchkas. We made a short list of all the delicious food available on the streets of Kolkata that make us want to eat, pronto! Read on the list as you watch Bijoya here.

Phuchka and Kolkata are almost synonymous. There is no escaping this mouth-watering dish when you are in Kolkata. This is one of the most famous street foods that everyone in Kolkata relishes! It is also referred to as the ‘King of street foods’ by many food lovers. Imagine putting one of those round crisp balls with aloo mix and tentul jol in your mouth and asking for an extra. Just yum!

2. Rolls

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Egg, chicken, mutton, or a mix of these – whenever we are hungry, grabbing a roll is always first priority. And when it comes to roll shops, is there any one favourite? Tell us what your favourite roll joints are.

3. Fish cutlet and chop

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These deep-fried cutlets with fish stuffing, to be had with a side of salad and spicy kasundi, are just what we need to lift up our spirits at the end of a bad day.

4. Churmur

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And how do we even begin to define our love for this crunchy and crispy snack? A type of chaat, which is made with crushed potatoes, green chillies, coriander and other spices, churmur is a must have after we have had our fill of phuchkas.

5. Mishti

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It is almost impossible to put a number to the exact different kinds of mishti available in Kolkata (and across Bengal). Given Bengal’s love affair with mishti, is it even a surprise that we are including sweets in our list? From roshogolla to kheerkadam and chhanar jilipi, we can’t ever get enough of them.

6. Moghlai Porota

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A Moghlai Porota is a complete meal in itself. This thick deep-fried egg porotas, with stuffing inside and served with aloor torkari, is as delicious as it can get.

7. Ghughni

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This peas-based snack is a delight for foodies. It is cooked with gravy, using traditional spices, and is best had with pauruti, aka bread. There isn’t a tea stall across Bengal which doesn’t serve this heavenly combo.

So which of these dishes are your favourite? Tell us in the comments section below!

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