7 Things About Staying Away From Home That Every Flatmate Will Relate To Instantly

Here are a few things that will surely take you back to your solo journey in the new city, thanks to the new ZEE5 Original Three Half Bottles

Doing all your chores

Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills
Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills

The new ZEE5 Original Three Half Bottles revolves around the travails of three flatmates. This prompted us to take a look at what trials and tribulations do people face when they stay away from home. For years, they have been migrating to bigger cities in search of better opportunities. Now, more than ever, youngsters are flocking out of their safe zones to venture out into the real world, find themselves and make a dent in the universe. If you are one such youngster, we’re sure you will find the following things extremely relatable.

After being pampered for years, we forget about the effort and time that goes into doing something that’s not our ‘job’ – something that our parents have been doing for years, for us. From washing the dishes to cleaning the floor and changing the bed linen they have been performing these duties for us. When you step out of our cocoon, you have to do it all by yourself.

Trying to figure out the money


Pocket money was for fun and bills weren’t a part of our paychecks back home. But that’s not the case when you venture out alone. We’re sure you hadn’t realised the number of things that one has to pay for on a monthly basis. Money, surely, is a lot more complicated when we have to figure it out all on our own. Of course, calculators, journals and apps like Splitwise become your saviours.

Fighting for silly things

Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills
Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills

No matter who you are living with, some fights are inevitable. From time to time, you might end up squabbling for the silliest of things with your roommate or flatmate. For the food in the fridge or the leftovers that you saved for yourself and even for the restroom – somehow it’s all gone when you want it the most. Right?

Using ‘the chair’ for many purposes

The chair
The chair (Source: Bustle)

Many people living away from home are busy trying to figure out several things. Managing the travel, job and of course, feeding yourself real meals might take most of the time. And at such times, ‘the chair’ becomes the treasure chest or the dumping ground. We’ve all done that. Guilty as charged, right? Or right?

Finding a home away from home

Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills
Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills

The city might be alien once, but soon, it becomes home. Family and blood relatives may be miles away, but your roommates soon turn from strangers to chosen family. The nights you want to drink your pains away, the days when getting out of bed seems too much of a task and the moments when your little achievements need to be celebrated, it is your chosen family who has your back during those times.

Seeing others

Source: Pexels

This has to be the truest of all! When passing through the parks or sharing a meal with a friend, you might have found yourself lost, looking at the happy little family around you. That’s when all the nostalgia hits you.

Going back to the roots

Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills
Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills

Once you get out of the house, going back home is no less than embarking on a world tour. Because, at the end of the day, your world is where your heart is. Also, let’s not forget the empty bags you take only to bring them back filled with food, snacks, and other homely delicacies, to the brim. 

The ZEE5 Telugu original, Three Half Bottles, is the story of one such home with three oddballs and their journey together. For now, check out Hawala here.