7 Tips To Stay Safe During The Pandemic Like Shesh Theke Shuru Star Sayantika Banerjee

The world is currently in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic, and we show you all the ways you should protect yourself.

1. Do Wear A Mask

Sayantika Banerjee
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The recent coronavirus outbreak has thrown the world into a panic because of its highly contagious nature and its effect on people’s health as well as the global economy. Many countries are in a lock-down state to contain the spread of this alarming strain of the virus. Shesh Theke Shuru actor Sayantika Banerjee is also taking precautions to stay safe, and we recommend you do the same!

Just like Sayantika, make sure to wear a mask in public spaces, especially if a large number of people are likely to also be there.

2. Do Sanitize Your Hands Frequently

Wash hands
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Make sure you wash your hands frequently and sanitize it. When you come back home from being outdoors, wash up again with antibacterial soap.

3. Don't Touch Your Face

Touch face
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Make sure not to touch your face– particularly your eyes, nose and mouth. These are direct passages to your system, and any infection will pass even more easily through here, so take care to keep your hands away from your face!

4. Don't Go Into Large Crowds

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Avoid being among large crowds at this time, as you can never tell if an infection is present in someone from there. Try not to use public transport as much as you can, and stay away from people who are sneezing or coughing.

5. Don't Go Out If You are Ill

Stay home
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If you feel unwell and feel symptoms of a cold and fever, stay at home and minimize contact with others as much as possible. Stay home, drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest.

6. Eat Immunity Boosting Food

To prevent getting the infection, make sure to eat plenty of immunity-boosting food rich in nutrients and vitamins. Fruits and vegetables, turmeric and garlic are among these, so include them in your diet.

7. Don't Panic

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Avoid panicking and fear-mongering because of false information. Panicking puts you in a state of stress, which is bad for your immune system and makes you more susceptible to the virus– totally counterproductive and something you should avoid!

Which of these precautions are you presently following? Comment with your answer below!

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