7 Ways To Recycle Household Items Into Pieces Of Art Like Actor Swastika Mukherjee

Here are some creative ways to recycle old objects you don't need anymore, like The Lovely Mrs. Mookherjee star.

1. Paint old bottles

Painted bottles
Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are in the mood to brighten up your home with pretty things, here’s a cheap and extremely creative way to do so, as inspired by the gorgeous actor Swastika Mukherjee from the ZEE Original film The Lovely Mrs Mookherjee.

She recently posted a picture of some beautiful green glass bottles that she now uses to decorate her window sill, and indeed, it is quite a genius hack!

Here are some ways you can do the same.

If you have old bottles lying around, take some colourful paints of your choice and simply paint your designs on to them! Isn’t that pretty?

2. Egg shell dolls

Painted egg shells
Source: Pxfuel

You can paint and decorate egg shells to turn them into dolls and whatever suits your fancy, just like these adorable Hello Kitty figures here. Feel free to stick sequins, coloured paper and other ornaments that you have, too.

3. Soda can pencil holders

Pencil holders
Source: Pikrepo

Instead of throwing used soda cans and other plastic containers away, simply turn them into a neat pencil holder stand! You can cover it with attractive looking paper or cloth, or paint on them.

4. Button art

Button art
Source: Flickr

If you have a huge collection of a variety of buttons that you’ve never found a chance to use, well, here it is! Make a button-mosaic of sorts to form a picture or shape that appeals to you, and glue onto a firm surface like cardboard. Paint over it in places if you feel like, and there you go!

5. Painted lids

Painted lids
Source: Pixabay

Lids of old containers can turn into your own canvas! Spray them with primer and paint whatever suits you, with acrylic paints. Smaller lids can strung together and used to make pretty wall-hangers as well, as can old CDs you don’t need anymore.

6. Paper flower medallions

Paper flowers
Source: Needpix

You can always fashion DIY flower medallions using the collection of newspapers piling up in your corner, just like this picture– so simple, yet so cool. Go ahead and make an entire bouquet of them if the mood strikes!

7. Scarf tapestry

Source: Pixabay

For an incredibly easy home decor hack, just hang one of your colourful scarves on to the wall, and you have a new tapestry! How amazing is that!

Which of these recycled home decor ideas did you like the most? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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