8 Animated Films For Your Little Munchkins On ZEE5 To Keep Them Entertained This Lockdown

Animated films are something that never goes out of fashion. We've got several movies that you and your kids can enjoy during the lockdown on ZEE5.

Hua Mulan

Making sure that kids stay at home, during the coronavirus pandemic now has a one-stop solution. ZEE5 launched its Kids section, earlier this month, and it’s full of visual treats for them. Here are a few animated films that you can enjoy sitting next to your little ones. Because let’s be honest, we all love animated films irrespective of our age.

The first one on our list is Hua Mulan. This story is that of a Chinese legend, named Hua Mulan. She happens to be the daughter of an ill and bed-ridden Army General. It is up to Hua Mulan to wage triumphant battles on her father’s behalf, before winning the concluding war. That’s also where she meets the love of her life.

Monsters And Pirates

Next up, we have Monsters And Pirates. It’s all about the treasure hunt that sets us sailing on an adventure. A search for the legendary treasure of Captain Barracuda lies somewhere in the unknown sea. In this voyage, the characters of the film learn about friendship and courage, which helps them triumph.

A Frozen Christmas

Christmas is always a good idea. While December is far away, we can surely enjoy A Frozen Christmas at home. In the film, Santa and his elves settle down to share a bunch of amazing festive tales, including The Fir Tree and The Brave Tin Soldier. In part 2 of the film, Santa and his trusty reindeer head back to the North Pole for a unique celebration.

Marc Logan

Marcello, Paolo and their father have lost everything that they had. All they have now is hope for a better life. So, they embark on a journey to the other side of the Atlantic, in America. That’s where they find their uncle, who had emigrated to. How will the new life treat them? Watch it in Marc Logan.

Christmas In New York

Once again, Christmas is a good idea and here’s Christmas In New York. The film is the story of a jungle boy, of the fifth oracle. He travels to New York with his talking dogs named Winner and Fox, to find Father Christmas (Santa Claus). The journey is even more interesting because they help many people on the way.

Prince Moon And Princess Sun

In Prince Moon And Princess Sun, the heroes held hostage by the ones that they love the most. They are imprisoned and kept under a spell. This also keeps them far away from each other. The story lies in the good forces which help them succeed in vanquishing evil and restoring happiness.

King David

King David is the story of a Shepard King anointed by the Lord to succeed Saul, who is abandoned due to disobedience. David wins several battles before he falls in love with Bathsheba, who happens to be the wife of one of his officers. Together, their union produces a son who grows up to become Solomon the Great.

The Black Corsair

Finally. The Black Corsair is the story of a man sneaks into Maracaibo and tries to take his brother’s body, with the sole intention of giving him a respectful burial. In the company of a little monkey named Carmaux, Moko and the Black Corsair arrive at a local tavern.

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