9 Exciting Films From The Krishna Kamal Ka Series On ZEE5 That Your Kids Will Enjoy

These tales of Krishna can teach your kids virtues like honesty, fearlessness, and more. Your #NonstopBachFun begins now!

1. Krishna - The Birth

Krishna is one of the most child-friendly Hindu deities ever. The tales of Lord Krishna are filled with his mischievousness and adventures as he puts an end to all evil on earth. Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu whose purpose is to protect mankind and your children can surely learn important life lessons from this mythological God. Today, we look at 9 films under the Krishna Kamal Ka series that your kids would absolutely love to watch!

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Krishna – The Birth is a film revolving around the miraculous birth of the Hindu God. Escaping the evil clasp of his uncle Kans, baby Krishna safely lands in the lap of his foster mother Yashoda. This tale would make your child believe in miracles and prayers!

2. Krishna Makhan Chor

Krishna’s adventures under Yashoda and Nand’s care at Vrindavan is a journey filled with fun and joy. His naughtiness is simply adorable to watch! But the important thing for your child to learn here is that Krishna doesn’t get away with being mischievous as Yashoda reprimands him every time. So kids, before you try any tricks, think twice!

3. Krishna Aayo Natkhat Nandlal

This film explores Krishna’s childhood in depth. The story of Putana- a demon that Krishna kills- would make your child fearless and brave! This is a fun watch and we strongly recommend it.

4. Krishna in Vrindavan

Krishna’s journey in the small town of Vrindavan, his friendship with the other boys, and his love for Radha are explored in this film. His adventures with his brother Balram is one of the most beautiful phases of Krishna’s journey. All parents can watch this animated film with their kids to relive their childhood stories as well!

5. Krishna Aur Kans

The end of Kans is one of the most important events in Krishna’s life as he was born to put an end to the evil man’s tyranny. Krishna Aur Kans is the story of Krishna’s battle against his uncle. This film’s teachings include courage and a strong will power.

6. Krishna Balram - Kalvakra

The adventures of Krishna with his brother Balram are one of the most fun and notorious ones. Together, the brothers destroy the devil Kalvakra. With Krishna’s magical powers and Balram’s strength, they put an end to the demon’s torturous ways.

7. Krishna Balram - Kalvakra Returns

Kalvakra, however, doesn’t die. His return and his vengeance against Krishna and his friends- the cowherds- is the plot of this story. Krishna and Balram’s fight against the menace of the devil becomes another important lesson of valor!

8. Krishna Balram : The Warrior Princess

An alien princess lands in Krishna and Balram’s hometown. The brothers find her and help in saving her life by fighting the enemies. This film teaches us to be helpful and support the ones in need.

9. Krishna Kans Vadh

Krishna kills Kans and is marveled upon for his mystical powers in this film. Kans has a unique boon and cannot be defeated by anyone but Krishna, who was born to kill his uncle. This film sheds light on the negatives of being a tyrant and hurting innocent people.

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