A Good Start To The Week By Watching Nithin’s Takkari On ZEE5 Sounds Like A Plan

Nithin starrer Takkari is a 2007 film, which has a plotline that will make you feel too many things through its course. It's funny, gripping and new!

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Have you wondered how life would be when you can step out at your will? We often think about it. More than three months are enough to make a habit, they say. And we have been locked inside the house for over three months. We’re sure it’s going to be difficult keeping up with the worldly chaos again. While binge-watching on shows might become difficult, we’re sure you can still sneak in some time to watch a film.

We suggest Nithin’s Telugu movie Takkari. Watch it here:

The Telugu word takkari loosely translates to being artful. If you are expecting the film to be about an artist you are correct. But what is his art? We’re sure you are wondering about it. It’s not painting, dancing or singing. It’s conning people. No, we’re not making it up. Nithin’s film, Takkari, is indeed about a man who wants to be rich by skipping the queue of hard work. Directed by Amma Rajashekhar, also featuring Sayaji Shinde and Sadha, this is an entertaining watch.

Takkari is the Telugu remake of the Tamil film, Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam. It featured Dhanush, Prakash Raj and Shriya in the lead roles. Given its quirky nature and interesting plotline, Takkari was dubbed in Hindi as Meri Ladai, in 2008. Later, a Kannada remake was also on the tables. Takkari is set in the modern takkariday and revolves around relatable and relevant circumstances.

A Still in Takkari
A still from Takkari (Source: ZEE5)

Nithin’s character is named Tirupathi, who is sure that his interests lie in real estate. His father, played by Chandra Mohan, is a humble middle-class man who would have his son take the beaten path. The father-son clash is obvious yet entertaining. However, Tirupathi wants to make quick money and just as he figures out a plan, he crosses paths with Priya, the sister of a business tycoon, played by Sadha.

Priya’s brother, Guru is essayed by the talented and gruesome Sayaji Shinde. Guru is already ruling the real estate market. He finds out about Priya’s interest in Tirupathi, a mere nobody, and asks the boy to leave his sister alone. The artistic Tirupathi decides to chance upon this situation and demands money. But did he meet with Priya only for money? Did he have no feelings? Will he really leave her?

Watch the film to find out. You can also enjoy some free films on ZEE5.

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