Abhilash Reddy Spills The Beans On Season 2 Of Loser, Actors React During The Success Meet

You would be surprised to know the reaction of the actors of ZEE5 Original Loser when the director spoke about the following season to it.

Ruby Shabana in Loser

It is almost a month since Abhilash Reddy’s sports-drama starring Priyadarsh, Shashank and others released. The actors and technicians of ZEE5 original Loser came together to celebrate its success. Given the lockdown situation, the cast and crew joined each other over a video conference. In part one of the conversation, they spoke about their experiences and journey through the show. In part 2, they spill more beans.

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The host, Bhargavi, asked Abhilash about the situations that would arise in Priyadarshi’s real-life if he had a brother like Sunny. To this, the director said, “Darshi isn’t too aggressive, he’s calm. They are quite opposite characters. But I think if Shashank played Sunny, it would set really well.” Moving on to the musical success of Loser, the composer Sriram joined the conversation.

He thanked the team and actors for everything and said, “Before making anything, Abhilash and I have lengthy discussions. We decide what’s required and where. I know him for 8-9 years, so we know who likes what. And I have to thank him for approving my music.” Post this, the DOP of Loser, Naresh Ramadurai said, “It’s been a great journey. We started off sometime this time last year. Shooting a web series is very different from shooting a film.”

Abhilash Reddy
Abhilash Reddy

The Creative Producer of Loser, Mr Mahesh said, “We at Annapurna Studios are doing n number of shows. Loser has given us a good boost for further shows. We are looking forward to more hope. Even the teams are hopeful because they saw the success once.” Adding to it, Priydarshi also thanked Supriya Yarlagadda, the CEO of Annapurna Studio for “putting up” with them.

Prasad Nimmakayla, the South Head of ZEE5 said, “Amongst all the regional content on ZEE5, Loser stands tall. When Abhilash told me the story, I was curious to know how he’d edit it. But he had every single detail etched out perfectly. Thanks to the team for giving out such a brilliant product. It has taken ZEE5 to a new level. Thank you for being a part of the ZEE5 family. Looking forward to associating with you more and more.”

Pallavi and Suri in Loser
Pallavi and Suri in Loser

Taking the conversation ahead, the DOP shot an interesting question for the director. He asked why women in Abhilash’s shows always cry or die. Before allowing the director to speak, Pavani exclaimed that he did the same with her and with Kalpika in their previous venture, Ekkadiki Ee Parugu. Even newbie Komalee said he only made her and eventually killed her. Abhilash took a pause for them to finish and then spoke, eloquently.

He said, “There’s nothing like that. It’s all about the emotion.” When asked about the difficulties faced, Abhilash added, “The production houses took good care of everything. Only thing was that we had to recreate many things, and was tough. But Manisha, the Production Designer, refused to go back home. She stayed there all day and night to make sure things were perfect.”

Asha in Loser
Asha in Loser

Finally, the host asked if the director had any plans on coming up with the following season. Once again, the actors answered before he could. Abhilash said, “It all depends on what Prasad sir says” as the actors nodded their head in disagreement in the background. Well, it seems like Loser 2, if there had to be one, would be nothing similar to its counterpart.

Read part 1 of the conversation here. Watch all the ten-episodes of Loser on ZEE5, if you haven’t seen it already.

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