Abir Chatterjee Has An Important Message As You Stock Up For The Lockdown

Keep this one thing in mind when shopping for supplies during the lockdown.

Abir Chatterjee

As the Coronavirus continues its widespread contagion, our government clamps down to take strict measures such as complete lockdown, which we are all currently maintaining. Apart from stepping out to replenish our most essential supplies or to avail of indispensable services, citizens are practicing self-isolation at home. Abir Chatterjee, the popular Bengali hero who has previously featured in films like BijoyaByomkesh Bakshi and Chhaya O Chhobi , has a message that is important to keep in mind when we go shopping for these essential goods.

Check out Abir’s message, which he has posted on his social media page:

Addressed to everybody who is in this situation, he says, “Request to all, We don’t know for how long the lockdown will last.. so every resource is critical and essential. Kindly restrict the number of items in meals and try for zero wastage of food and water. MONEY IS YOURS BUT RESOURCES BELONG TO THE SOCIETY. REGARDS, #Stayhome #staysafe”

He tells us to heed this message and share it with our networks too. It is a crucial one, as many are experiencing severe shortages in essential goods as others are buying up an excessive amount of supplies in a panicked frenzy. While this is understandable, it is also irrational as much of the stuff will simply lie around or go to waste. Abir urges us to reign in these impulses and be sensible when stocking up and buy only what we need in order to avoid this problem. It would benefit all of us if we remembered to leave some indispensables on the store shelves instead of grabbing everything. For example, to prevent the virus from spreading, everybody must maintain hygiene– not just you– so fight the urge to buy up all the sanitisers you see!

Are you remembering to practice this tip? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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