Add A Healthy Twist To Your Evening Snack With Trisha’s Easy Guacamole With Indian Twist

Evening snacks are inevitable. While you continue to munch on something or anything, try adding this super healthy and tasty Guacamole with a twist.

Trisha Krishnan - Guacamole

Lockdown has given us more than enough time to cook as many meals as we want to and enjoy them. Most of us still trying to maintain a good diet even in the quarantine. But when the sun goes down, our cravings start to take over the healthier arguments. We cannot help but reach out for the nearest and tastiest available food product. However, we can now add a little healthy and sumptuous twist to it with actor Trisha’s Guacamole recipe.

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Guacamole is mainly made from Avocados, which are a Mexcian speciality. However, it has become a popular superfood across the globe. And, India has picked up the trend, too. You can enjoy a good Guacamole as a dip for your nachos, chips, fries, or papads. You can also relish it as a healthy breakfast spread on toasts. Here’s how you can make it at home, even during the lockdown.

Start by picking Avocados that are ripe, not too raw or too mushy. Slice them in half and pit the seed by knocking your knife on it and pulling it out. Now, slice the fruits into smaller sizes and add them all to a medium-sized bowl. Smash it into a paste with a fork.


To this, add some freshly and finely chopped onions along with deseeded and finely chopped tomatoes. Throw in some chopped green chillies, and you can also add chopped Jalapenos if you have it in hands.

Now, it’s time for the seasoning. Add some chopped coriander leaves, salt and pepper powder in it. Mix it well and then squeeze in half a lemon into it. Give it a good stir, sprinkle some more coriander leaves, if you wish. And, you’re done!

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