After Priyadarshi’s Suri, Meet Ruby Shabhana Played By Kalpika Ganesh In ZEE5’s Loser

After releasing a special character teaser for Priyadarshi, we have a new teaser introducing Kalpika Ganesh's character Ruby Shabana, in Loser.

Kalpika Ganesh as Ruby Shabana in Loser

Loser is the newest Telugu original show to land on ZEE5. It is a sports-drama directed by Abhilash Reddy, which showcases the lives of three losers who inspire one victory. Priyadarshi takes the lead as Suri Yadav, an Air Rifle player who plays for the State-Level Zonal games. Earlier this week, we saw a special -second teaser which introduces him. And now, a new character from the show has been introduced.

Watch the trailer of Loser here:

Recently, a new 10-second teaser was released to introduce Ruby Shabana. Known for playing strong supporting roles in Tollywood, Kalpika helms the character of Shabana. Through the teaser, it is clear that she is living through hell, on a daily basis. A man, played by Malhottra Shivam, remarks that she “isn’t good for anything other than being in a bed”. He also adds that she has “proven it again” right in the initial few moments.

From what we have learnt about the show, Ruby plays a tired and lost badminton player. Through the teaser, it is established that she is married to a man against her will. The angst and hopelessness on Ruby’s face are evident in each frame. At one point, Rubu takes an autorickshaw and we see a bruise on her face. This also makes it obvious that she is living through marital rape and domestic violence. Yet she does not speak… not even a single word.

But as she travels in the auto, the breeze running through her face lighten the mood slightly. Although, she continues to not smile. Her grim and hapless face really makes us want to empathise with her. However, we wonder what her real story is. Stay tuned to find it out on May 15th, 2020, on ZEE5.

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