Aindrita Ray Will Inspire You To Wear The Right Kind Of Outfit While Working Out

Here are the quintessential outfits that you need for your daily workout regime and the benefits that they provide

Bhajarangi actress Aindrita Ray recently put up a picture of her in the perfect workout gear and we can’t take our eyes off her. The actress who is everyone’s dream girl looks sporty chic in sweat pants and a crop top hoodie. She is surely inspiring her fans to wear the right kind of outfits for exercising which can have more benefits than one can imagine.

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Here are 5 workout clothes you must have in your wardrobe if you’re a fitness freak.


Racerbacks are not just for men or women specifically. They are unisex and are the most comfortable as they lack sleeves that can prove to be inconvenient during exercising. Wearing clothes of the right size will also help you focus on your workout and avoid your attire from getting stuck into any gym equipment.

Cotton sweatpants

Cotton is considered to be the most comfortable material to workout in. It is hassle-free and soft on your body and hence, you should consider buying sweatpants like those of Aindrita.  Cotton absorbs sweat and avoids your body from heating up, unlike the material nylon, which creates friction between the skin and the cloth.


Swearshorts is just what you should go for if you want to avoid wearing pants during your workout. Sweatshorts make a few feel freer while exercising.

This is just the perfect outfit worn by our favourite couple Aindrita and Diganth as they go out cycling.

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Aindrita wears the perfect combination of sweatshirts and a crop top. For women, a crop top can prove to be convenient as it is less amount of cloth to deal with while working out. Wearing a sweatshirt will keep you warm and prevent you from catching a cold or falling sick. Our bodies are prone to the same post a workout as our skin tends to immediately cool down after sweating profusely.

Long-sleeved shirts

If you’re not the type to wear sweatshirts, then long-sleeved shirts can serve the purpose of keeping you warm as well as comfortable. If you’re the type who likes to exercise outdoors then wearing long sleeves can protect your skin from the sun, too.

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