From Akbar-Birbal To Chhota Bheem,ZEE5 KIDS Is The Best And Safest Source Of Entertainment

From giving ancient mythologies a modern take to building your child's artistic and scientific mind, you can be sure that ZEE5 KIDS = Non-stop BachFUN

Best of Children's Entertainment on ZEE5

The quarantine is bringing families together, but it’s also tough to keep children engaged at home. If you are looking for quality programmes for children that entertain, educate, and engage them, then look no further than ZEE5. From animated mythology shows like Chhota Bheem and Ramayana to informative shows like Engineer This! and The Art Room, ZEE5 KIDS-zone has got every genre of children’s entertainment because keeping a child occupied is no child’s play.

Children love animated cartoons. ZEE5 has the best of children’s animated entertainment, making culture and mythology interesting to children from Chhota Bheem to the legendary Ramayana. ZEE5 also has the stories of Luv-Kush and Krishna-Balram among others. If your child is a fan of mythological or historical shows, then you should definitely entertain them with non-animated shows like Shaurya Veer Eklavya Ki Gaatha and Paramavtar Shri Krishna and Akbar Birbal.

If your children love superheroes and action, ZEE5 has got you covered. With shows like Veer: The Robot Boy and Jackie Chan Fantasia, you can keep them busy for hours while you take a rest from parenting. ZEE5 also has another widely popular cartoon franchise named Bablu and Dablu. This adventure comedy series will make your kids feel like they’ve been on an adventure while sitting quietly in front of the TV at home.

If you want to engage your children’s creative faculties, then there are Do-It-Yourself shows on ZEE5 as well. With shows like The Art Room and Science with Brain Cafe will keep your children’s minds sharp and creative instead and will help turn their energy to a more constructive use. You can also encourage your children to pursue their talent by showing them shows where other children are fulfilling their dreams like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs and Dance India Dance Li’l Masters, both streaming on ZEE5

While you keep your children occupied, you can also get live updates on the Coronavirus Outbreak in the ZEE5 News section.