All About The Parlour Game That The Upcoming ZEE5 Original Series Mafia Centres Around

We tell you about the classic game that keeps us entertained for hours while playing. Read on to find out more!


Mafia, the latest ZEE5 Original thriller series that will arrive on the platform on 10th of July, is about six friends who reunite for a bachelor party several years after college. They had been extremely close-knit in their college days, until a horrific incident shook them apart. The trauma of this, combined with the dark secrets that each of them harbour, plunges them into a sinister cat and mouse game in real life, while they play a game of Mafia. Mafia is a classic parlour game that even evolved into a video game later! Here’s all you need to know about it.

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Mafia is an highly entertaining game of social deduction, which was created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. This parlour game is a great bonding activity between guests at a party, and a wonderful way to break the ice. Even though there are several ways to play Mafia, the concept of the game remains the same. You need a group of people, preferably at least six, to play this game. Divide yourselves into two groups. One group will be the townsfolk, or the “good” players. This group has to figure out who the criminals are. The other group will consist of the criminals or “bad” mafia members who will have to try to get away with their “murders.”

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Make both the groups stand in a circle facing each other. Assign a player to be the “narrator” or moderator. This will be a neutral person who knows everyone’s roles, but must not reveal them out loud. Designate other roles like those of a doctor and cop who have the power to “save” a player who has been killed. There should be two mafia members and the rest of the players are townsfolk. Traditionally, cards are drawn to pick the role of each player.

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To begin the game, everyone except the moderator must close their eyes. The mafia members choose a target from the townsfolk to “kill,” and the moderator announces who has been killed when everyone opens their eyes again. The rest of the townsfolk have to figure out which of the players are part of the ‘mafia!’ This can go on for as long as it takes. It proves to be incredibly amusing!

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