Amrutham Episode 1 Written Update: Anji Gets A Buffalo For Goodluck In Amrutham’s New Home

In episode 1 of Amrutham, Anji makes Amrutham believe that the buffalo will bring good luck. Read the full written update here.

Amrutham Episode 1 Stills

Eighteen years after it first made an unforgettable impression, the popular situation-comedy series, Amrutham returns to entertain everyone, on ZEE5. The show revolves around the life of Amrutham and Anji, who try to make it big and earn quick bucks. Not success, but blunders are all they make. Popular actor Shivaji Raje and Gundu Hanumantha Rao essay the lead characters. It also features many other noted Tollywood actors like Jhansi and Sivannarayana. 

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In the first episode, Anji’s wife, Santha, wakes him up in the morning while she is still half-asleep. Anji tries to ignore her but she continues to pat on his face to wake him up. Anji wakes up, finally, and decides that he needs to shut down his wife and the alarm, which ends up scaring him. After getting ready, he decides to wake his wife up but drops the idea.

Next, Anji goes to the prayer room, completes the Aarti, lights up incense sticks and also touches his father’s photograph for blessings. After that, he moves to the kitchen and quickly whips up lunch and breakfast. As he does this, he also sips on the tea he made for himself and is stunned to taste how well it is made. 

Amrutham Episode 1 Stills
Amrutham Episode 1 Stills

Finally, it’s time for Anji to wake up Santha. She comes out sometime later and sits on the breakfast table, waiting for Anji to serve her. He brings to her lunch box and also serves breakfast. Once done, Anji drops his wife at the door and she leaves for work on her scooter. She reminds Anji that his friend will be moving into the house next door. 

Anji remembers that he has to get work done in the house before Amrutham arrives with his wife. So, he crosses over the wall and opens the gate to make way for the truck loaded with his friend Amrutham’s furniture. He sees the latter’s wife, Sanjeevini, and asks where her husband was. Amrutham gets off the bike, wipes his face – which has turned black due to pollution – and greets Anji. 

Amrutham Episode 1 Stills
A still from the episode 1 of Amrutham

Anji stops Amrutham from asking the movers from unloading the truck. He suggests that they let the buffalo come inside the house and take a dump before they start setting up the house. When Anji questions this logic, Amrutham claims that they do not know anything but he, who has read 108 Upanishads and 8 Puranas, knows it the best. Sanjeevini agrees and insists that they follow him. 

Anji returns with a buffalo 30 minutes later. The owner of that buffalo asks for Rs 100 per hour. Amrutham tells him that they will need the buffalo only for 15 mins. After giving the animal a tour of the house, they all wait for it to do the deed but it seems that the buffalo isn’t in the mood. Amrutham ends up paying Rs 1000 for the animal and some more for the tea and snacks that the movers had. 

Amrutham Episode 1 Stills
A still from the episode 1 of Amrutham

Amrutham gets a shock when the movers order for pizza. In a state of shock and aggression, he tells the delivery boy to get out of his property. Anji and Sanju decide to scare the buffalo, in hopes that it would cause some sensation and the buffalo would do the deed. However, Anji scares Amrutham instead. The second time around, Anji is scared by the buffalo. 

The owner of Amrutham’s house walks inside angrily because he is offended that his new tenants do not have the courtesy to offer payasam after boiling milk in the house for the first time. He meets Amrutham and greets them kindly. He tells him that he has certain strict rules that they need to abide by – not using nails on the walls, not turning lights on after 9 pm and coming back home by 8 pm, no pets or children. 

Amrutham is puzzled about the rules and gives a sarcastic reply to each of them. The owner asks for Anji, and Amrutham gives a staccato reply, “Anji… buffalo… dung… Gruhapravesam…” Inside the house, Anji awaits the crucial moment when the buffalo is ready to do the deed. The owner enters the house and the buffalo throws out pieces of dung like bullets  – which hit the owner. 

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