Amrutham Episode 11 Written Update: Sanju Makes Amrutham Do The Household Chores

In this episode of Amrutham, the protagonist ends up insulting Sanju and her work. So, Sanju asks him to do her work for a day. Read the update here.

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Anji suggests that the two couples attend a talk show by a well-known Vastu guru. Sanju agrees to give it a shot if the guru helps Amrutham. The Vastu guru comes to visit Amrutham’s residence and suggests a few changes, including using someone else’s restroom and walking backwards in the living room. Amrutham follows all of it, just to mend the relationship with his boss. But there is no change. A few days later, he takes the guru to meet his boss, who makes a few suggestions to his boss. Yet, there is no change. Finally, one fine day, the police find the guru and take him in custody because he turns out to be a conman.

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