Amrutham Episode 12 Written Update: Sanju Wants To Have A Child

In this episode of Amrutham, Sanju believes that it is time for them to have kids, only to realise that they do not. Read the update here

Amrutham Episode 12 Stills

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Sanju finds it difficult to do all her work in time, since the househelp had taken leave. She gets annoyed after listening to Amrutham’s constant complaints and challenges him to do the household chores for a day. Amrutham happily agrees because he believes it is very easy compared to his office work. The next day, Sanju wakes him in the morning and asks him to make some coffee. Amrutham fails at it but continues with the day. He uses a chair to sit on and sweep their verandah so that people don’t see him doing the ‘lady-work’. Later, he fools a vacuum cleaner salesman and a detergent salesman to clean the house and wash the clothes. He also gets Anji to cook for him. Initially, Sanju is impressed with his work but she soon finds out that he hasn’t done any of it. 

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In this episode, Anji turns into an old school-teacher, who is teaching outside his house. Amrutham and Sanju are old, and each one stays with one of their twin daughters. One day, when the girls are taking classes, Amrutham and Sanju see each other after many years and are happy to reunite. They introduce their kids to each other and go back as a happy family. Sanju wakes up and calls out to her twins. Amrutham panics and wakes up, too. He asks who she was calling out and tells her they do not have kids. 

Sanju goes and sits outside their house when Amrutham follows her. She lays her head on his shoulder and tells him that maybe it’s time for them to have kids now. Amrutham is taken aback by this sudden wish and tells her that he isn’t financially stable yet. When Sanju asks when he would be stable, Amrutham tells her that it will be after his current boss retires. Sanju, who is upset with his attitude, goes to the nearby pillar and tells her husband that he cannot come closer to her anymore. Amrutham goes to another pillar and pretends to be upset when the phone rings and both of them look at each other.

Amrutham Episode 12 Stills
Amrutham Episode 12 Stills

Sanju goes to answer the call and it turns out to be her friend, Meena. Sanju hangs up the call and tells Amrutham that she has a surprise for him which will change his current views. Amrutham claims that all her surprises turn out to be a shock. And, he suggests that she must tell him now so that he can prepare himself. That’s when Sanju talks about Deepa, Meena’s daughter, who will be staying with them for the day. Amrutham is already panicking and disinterested. In a few minutes, Deepa shows up at their doorstep, alone. She greets Sanju but refuses to greet Amrutham.

Sometime later, she greets him too. When Amrutham calls her closer, she jumps on his lap and pulls his ears. Sanju suggests Deepa recite poems to her uncle while she makes lunch for them. Deepa starts with Twinkle twinkle little star but does not stop. She continues reciting the same poems, despite Amrutham begging her to stop it. He even goes to different corners to get rid of her but she finds him out. Later, Sanju asks her to count numbers when Amrutham decides to stay away and goes into his room. Deepa starts with one and keeps counting to 1, 99, 000 when Amrutham wakes up from a nap and goes to check if Sanju is still alive.

He finds her laying on the sofa, with her eyes closed. Amrutham shakes his wife vigorously and Sanju wakes up. She takes him inside the kitchen and Amrutham tells her to get rid of the maniac in their house. As Amrutham and Sanju bring food from the kitchen, Deepa pours some pickle on a napkin, folds it well and keeps it next to her. She asks for rassam and then smashes her hand into the plate. The rassam ends up splattering on Amrutham’s face and Sanju helps him by wiping his face with her saree. Amrutham tries to be masculine and exclaims that he can bear the pain easily. He asks for a napkin and Deepa hands him one.

Amrutham wipes his face and yells out loud when the pickle burns his skin and eyes more. They wait for Deepa to go away and when she finally leaves, Sanju writes an ‘I am sorry’ note for her husband. She goes close to him and tells him that they do not need kids anytime soon. The doorbell rings and Amrutham opens the door to find his boss standing outside. He asks them for help since he had to go out for some urgent work, he asks Amrutham and Sanju to take care of the kids, who had come to his place for the vacation. Amrutham looks at the many children standing outside and faints.

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