Amrutham Episode 13 Written Update: Amrutham Stresses About His Promotion

In this episode of Amrutham, Amrutham wants the promotion, but stresses because of the recent events in the past. Read the update here

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Sanju tells her husband that they should have kids of their own. Amrutham does not agree with her and they decide to not speak to each other. Sanju’s friend, Meena, asks if they can babysit her daughter, Deepa. Sanju agrees and expects that babysitting Deepa might change Amrutham’s opinion. Deepa comes alone and surprises Sanju. She greets her but does not greet Amrutham. Finally, Deepa greets Amrutham and even clings to him when he asks her to recite a poem. Eventually, Amrutham and Sanju, both are tired of Deepa and decide that they do not want a child anytime soon. 

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In this episode, Amrutham stresses about his upcoming promotion and walks into the living wearing a langa, instead of a lungi. Sanju looks at him and starts laughing and Amrutham realises this only after she mentions it. Amrutham asks her to shut the doors before someone sees him. Before Sanju could take a step, Anji walks in and starts laughing too, and then he suggests that Amrutham can go back to his room and change into appropriate clothes. Then, they discuss Amrutham’s stress. Anji quotes, as an obvious fact, that Amrutham is scared because of the events that unfolded during the scam and the rangoli competition. 

Anji suggests Amrutham be his most casual self in the office, and in front of his boss, more importantly. He also tells Amrutham to laugh on every sentence of his boss. But that isn’t what happens in the office. Amrutham’s boss insults him for being unprofessional and trying to slack at work. That day, Amrutham comes back home and decides to dress perfectly well. The next morning, Anji helps Amrutham in tying the tie, after calling him ‘useless’. But Anji ends up pulling the tie too hard and almost-choking Amrutham. After that, Sanju ties it properly, and by the time she is done, the tie takes the shape of a snake. And Amrutham is scared.

Amrutham Episode 13 Stills
Amrutham Episode 13 Stills

For a few moments, Amrutham believes that it is a real snake until Sanju tells him that their laundry person did not iron it well. After impressing his boss with well-fitted clothes, Amrutham takes all of his boss’ favourite dishes and even feeds him. Later, he takes oil and gives a head-massage to his boss. That’s when his boss tells Amrutham that he does not want to let him go and asks if he really needs the promotion. Amrutham sits cross-legged like a child and tells his boss to never repeat those words. The day of interviews for the promotion finally arrives and Amrutham clears the test with flying colours.

Amrutham comes home with the good news and calls out to Sanju. She plays Ashta-Chamma with Anji in his house and asks him to come over. He jumps over the wall and tells Sanju and Anji that he bagged the promotions. They are still busy celebrating when Amrutham’s colleague joins them and hands over a box of sweet to each one of them. Amrutham thanks him for his kindness in celebrating Amrutham’s victory. He looks at all of them and tells him that he has got the promotion, and explains that while Amrutham was busy buttering their boss, the colleague impresses his wife.

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