Amrutham Episode 14 Written Update: Amrutham Leaves Sanju Alone At Home For A Week

In this episode of Amrutham, Anji goes with Shanta for a vacation, while Amrutham heads to a camp. As a result, Sanju stays alone. Read more here

Amrutham Episode 14 Stills

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, the protagonist finds out about the upcoming promotion. He starts stressing about it, to a point where he wears a langa instead of a lungi. Sanju laughs at him, Anji witnesses all of this and makes fun of his friend. Later, Anji suggests that Amrutham should dress up casually, so that his boss would feel more superior and give him the promotion. The next day, he dresses up well, because that’s how his boss likes it. After that, on Anji’s suggestion, Amrutham takes a carriage with his favourite dishes and even feeds him. Finally, when Amrutham wins the promotion, his colleague comes in and informs that it is he who bagged the promotion. When Amrutham looks astonished, his colleague informs that he impressed the boss’s wife when he was busy impressing the boss.

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In this episode, Amrutham calls Sanju to inform her about the sudden trip to Kakinada. He asks his wife to pack his bag for four days. Sanju tries to convince to him cancel the trip, but he does not listen to her. Later, Amrutham comes home to find that she has packed only a razor, a toothbrush and toothpaste. She reasons that he only has to travel, get the work done and return. He asks her to pack his bags again and Sanju packs her stuff along with his, asking him to take her along. Amrutham finds a way to stop her when Anji comes home to inform that Shanta has taken 15 days off from work. And they are going on a trip.

Due to miscommunication, Anji believes that Amrutham’s boss was interfering in his life. On the other hand, he thinks that his trip has been extended to 15 days. After some banter, they clarify things and joke about Sanju being the gatekeeper to two houses for the next few days. On the first day, Amrutham calls Sanju and they end up speaking for an hour. He cribs about the money he would have to spend on telephonic calls if she continues to speak for an hour. Sanju promises to keep it short, to 30-minutes only. However, she feels upset and occupies herself with TV shows. Eventually, Sanju starts ignoring his phone calls.

Amrutham Episode 14 Stills
A still from Amrutham 

Once, Amrutham calls his wife to inform that his stay has been extended for another week. All that Sanju says is, “Okay, bye.” Finally, Amrutham comes back home to find Sanju in a disturbed state. She talks philosophically all day and cries for every small thing. Anji suggests that  Amrutham should take Sanju to a psychiatrist. The first doctor claims that Sanju is perfectly fine and it is Amrutham, who needs medication. Amrutham tears the prescription and goes to another doctor. He performs hypnosis on Sanju and finds out that her changed behaviour is due to the many films and TV shows that she had been watching day and night.

The doctor prescribes that she would be alright, if he treated her well for the next seven days. He also mentions that Sanju needs to be kept away from all kinds of TV content. Amrutham gives the task of cancelling their cable connection to Anji. Later, Amrutham comes home to check if Anji has completed his work, and goes home, happily. However, he sees Sanju watching a Chinese film and imitating the action-moves. Amrutham looks at Anji in a confused state. Anji informs that he did not cancel the Chinese channel because he did not expect Sanju to watch it. Sanju comes to the living room and ends up hurting the men.

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