Amrutham Episode 15 Written Update: Amrutham Shares His Love Story With Anji

In this episode of Amrutham, it's time to know Amrutham and Sanju fell in love and why it's a relevant story today. Read the update here

Amrutham Episode 15 Stills

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Sanju has to stay alone for a week, because Amrutham had to go for a business meeting. Anji comes to inform that he is going for a vacation with his wife, Shanta. This makes her feel extremely lonely. Sanju tries to go along her husband, but all her attempts fail. Amrutham assures to keep in touch once he reaches Kakinada. The first day, they speak for an hour. By the end of it, Amrutham tells her that he cannot spend all the money on phone calls. Sanju starts occupying herself with the many TV soaps and films. This takes her into a trance. When he comes back home, he tries to get Sanju to a normal mental state.

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In this episode, Anji and Amrutham sit over a wall, in a park, and discuss how to bring Sanju back to normalcy. Anji suggests sending her to the military, but Amrutham rejects it. Next, Anji suggests sending her to Australia to learn cooking. Amrutham looks at him, disappointingly, and asks him to suggests something that the couple can work out while staying together. That’s when Anji suggests starts tution-classes. Amrutham explains, in detail, of how Sanju might not make her a good teacher. However, he suggests she could teach music. Anji is surprised to know that Sanju can sing.

Amrutham is elated to tell him that their love story started from and because of music. He asks Anji to get down and squat on the ground. Amrutham starts digging an imaginary pit and asks his friend to tag along with him on a trip to his past. Amrutham sees Sanju when she comes out of the house and slaps two young boys, who did not respect their music teacher. Later, Sanju imagines a Veena in her hand and hums a tune. Amruthruam takes this gesture as Sanju calling him towards her. He goes closer and stands, smiling. Sanju feels uncomfortable and asks him to go and mind his own business.

Amrutham Episode 15 Stills
Amrutham Episode 15 Stills

Amrutham takes a moment and explains the situation. Sanju explains what she was doing and apologizes for the miscommunication. That’s how they start talking and he asks her out for coffee. However, Sanju was a shy girl and did not accept his offer. In order to take their meeting ahead, Amrutham enrols himself in Sanju’s father’s music-class. He also adds that he is the nephew of Sanju’s father’s arch-enemy, and yet wants to be his student. This boosts the music teacher’s ego and he agrees to teach him. Days pass but Amrutham does not move past the initial repetition of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma’.

At one point, Amrutham tries practising by turning the record player on. But every time he sang, it would stop working. One time, the music teacher made Amrutham sit on an ice block, surrounded by more ice blocks. This attempt was to help him achieve the basics, but Amrutham fails miserably. Finally, after many failures, the music teacher joins his hands and apologises for promising to teach him music. Amrutham takes this opportunity to ask Sanju’s hand in marriage, even though he couldn’t learn music for her. The teacher has mixed emotions while agreeing but is happy to let go of Amrutham, as his student.

Anji snaps Amrutham out of the flashback by reminding him that the time was 5 pm. Amrutham starts worrying because Sanju might be waiting for him. That’s when he turns around and finds Sanju walking towards him. She halts in front of him and kicks him.

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