Amrutham Episode 2 Written Update: Anji And Amrutham Fight With Each Other

In this episode of Amrutham, because of one rude gesture, the two friends end up fighting with each other for the whole day. Read the full update here

Amrutham Episode 2 Stills

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Anji goes through his morning routine and sends off his wife, Santha, to work. He then goes to the house next door and opens the gate for Amrutham and his wife, Sanjeevini, to come in – for a new beginning. He suggests they wait until the buffalo comes home. Amrutham goes with the flow, although the ‘small’ work takes many hours and money. At a point, the owner of the house comes and explains his weird rules and restrictions for his tenants. Just when he says that he will not tolerate any animals around, the buffalo takes a dump and it hits the owner like bullets.

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In this episode, Amrutham gets a call from Shanta’s employee. He asks Amrutham to inform Shanta about his absence in the office. Anji walks in later and offers sweets to Amrutham and Sanju. He mentions that they bought a new phone connection. Sanju sarcastically congratulates him and expresses her happiness for not having to share their telephone. Anji goes back to his house when Shanta asks him to pay ‘some change’ to the telephone operators and send them away.

Amrutham Episode 2 Stills
Amrutham Episode 2 Stills

Anji asks one of the operators to fetch his money bag from the safe-chest. Then, Anji unlayers three bags to give them one rupee each. They all end up in an argument and the boys decide to take revenge for this by messing up their phone connections. Anji asks his wife to take the day off from work and celebrate the arrival of their new telephone. Shanta agrees and they think about who they should call. The first few calls end up going to Japan and Russia. Anji explains that he took ISD calls for his upcoming business venture. 

Later, they try to call their distant-relative, Ranga Rao, but end up connecting to Amrutham. Amrutham, who is already furious, ends up bashing Anji for the wrong call. This happens twice, and when Anji tries to connect to the supermarket for home-delivery, he talks to Amrutham again. This time, Amrutham tries to woo him into the ‘deals’ at his supermarket and then scolds him for torturing him, continuously. In the evening, Amrutham calls his wife to inform that he is coming home in a wild mood and she must be ready.

Amrutham Episode 2 Stills
Amrutham Episode 2 Stills

But alas! Amrutham speaks to Shanta. Once again, Amrutham and Anji fight with each other over the call. This time they threaten to close this chapter once and for all. Anji calls Amrutham to a spot to settle their case. At 6 pm, both men stand next to each other and assume that the person opposite to them is the problem. But they realise that they have been fighting with each other. The telephone operator climbs down from a tree and informs them that they could face such problems. Anji apologizes for his behaviour, asks for money from Amrutham and gives Rs 400 to the operator. And then, the two friends go back home. 

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