Amrutham Episode 22 Written Update: Amrutham Goes On A Hunger Strike

In this episode of Amrutham, the protagonist decides to go on a hunger strike to help his fellow colleagues. Read the update

Amrutham Episode 22 Still

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Anji and Amrutham learn about the new disease which is being spread by the ISI organisation. Sanju, who had gone for a pilgrimage, sends Vibhuti parcel to her husband. When Amrutham opens the packet, the powder splashes on his face, and Anji exclaims that it is what the newsreader mentioned. He concludes that Amrutham has been a victim to the ISI plan, and decides to fulfil all of his wishes before he passes away in the next seven days. After doing many things, Anji finds out that the powder on Amrutham’s face was Vibhuti, sent by Sanju. 

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In this episode, Amrutham complains to Sanju, when she takes time to bring breakfast for him. She tells him to develop patience, in case there comes a day when he has to starve. He gobbles on his breakfast and rushes to the office. There, he sees people whispering against their boss. Amrutham goes closer to them and asks what the problem was. They inform him that the marketing employee has lost out on his appraisal, because the sales hadn’t increased. Amrutham tries to console the employee when he finds out they are all planning to go on hunger strike. 

Amrutham tries to talk them out of it, but the employees have already decided to do it. That night, he comes home and confesses his guilt for not participating in the hunger strike, to Sanju and Anji. They tell him that he must show his solidarity and join his colleagues. Anji also suggests that he need not suffer, because he (Anji) will find a way to feed him. Taking this as a motivation, Amrutham claims that he will go on a hunger strike for not one, but two whole days. His colleagues commend his dedication and set up a tent outside the office.

Amrutham Episode 22 Still
A still from the episode

When Amrutham starts the hunger strike, everyone chants for his victory and call him ‘great’. Although feeling proud inside, he acts to be extremely modest. Soon, he finds out that no one else will be joining him in the strike. His colleagues thank him for his contribution, and carry on with their work. The boss comes to meet him and tells him to keep the strike low-key. But Amrutham does not get the reason, and creates a scene out of it. Later that day, Sanju and Anji come to meet him, when more people from the head-office come to see the strike.

Anji tries to find a way to feed him but fails because the new employees refuse to leave the site. Sanju promises to send idlis for him, at night. However, a petty thief comes and steals the idlis. The next morning, Anji has to bring a doctor, who claims that Amrutham needs to eat food or else the situation would worsen. That’s when his boss comes and congratulates him. Anji asks if Amrutham’s hunger strike worked wonders. But the boss informs that the memo, due to which the marketing employee lost his appraisal, was mistakenly sent to their branch instead of the Ahmedabad branch.

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