Amrutham Episode 25 Written Update: Sanju Is Fed Up Of The New Househelp

In this episode of Amrutham, Sanju gets frustrated because of the new maid, who they thought would be a better househelp. Read the full update here

Amrutham Episode 25 Stills

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Sanju’s friend asks her to take care of her son and drop him home safely. However, since the child asks for something to eat, Sanju buys something from the bakery. But by the time she comes out of the bakery, the boy goes missing. The boy, who had gone to fetch a ball, starts crying when Amrutham and Anji find him. They try to help him, but he does not utter a word. So, they take him home and feed him all that he likes, in the hope that they are helping him and will then drop him at home. However, by the end of the day, Sanju and her friend file a police complaint, and the cops end up arresting Anji and Amrutham for kidnapping the kid. 

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In this episode, Amrutham and Anji play the game of snake and ladder, where Anji wins and Amrutham loses terribly. They continue to talk about the game when Sanju drops the plate and walks over to them. Anji enquiries about the reason behind her frustration and Sanju explains that the househelp is never available. They collectively decide to fire her and hire a new househelp. Anji talks about the PM union, who appoint househelps on demand. He adds that he had seen an advertisement in the newspaper. 

They go to meet the President and the Vice President of PM (Pani-Manishi) Union. Two ladies greet them, and ask for a few necessary details about their house and their lifestyle. Post this, the President calls someone named Samantha Fox to meet Amrutham, Sanju and Anji. Sanju wonders how stylish the lady, with such a stylish name, might be. Once she comes to meet them, Amrutham mentions that they need someone who can do the chores and not take leaves. Samantha assures that she will not take leaves, as it is not beneficial for her.

Amrutham Episode 25 Stills
A still from Amrutham 

Samantha starts working and Sanju decides to spend the day chilling with her husband. An hour later, she finds Samantha cleaning the spoon, which she was cleaning earlier. Sanju asks her to look after other things. When Amrutham comes out from the bathroom, he does not find any clothes in the closet. Sanju assures him that they must have been watched and dried by now. However, Samantha was done with washing only one side of the pant. Annoyed by this, they ask her to clean the floor, and Samantha uses a dripper to drop water on the floor and wipes it clean.

Everyone finds it difficult to deal with Samantha and fire her from the job. That’s when she demands one-year’s worth of salary. Because Amrutham had signed the contract, which mentions that they owe the PM worker money upon firing them. Anji and Amrutham find ways to get rid of the househelp, but it turns out to be a huge disaster. Sanju asks her to leave immediately and the next day, they hire their previous househelp again. To their distress, she ends up joining the PM union, with the advance given by Amrutham, and comes to work again.

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