Amrutham Episode 27 Written Update: Anji Makes Amrutham Buy An Auto

In this episode of Amrutham, in his days of unemployment, Anji tells Amrutham to buy and ride an auto to earn money. Read the full update here

Amrutham Episode 27 Stills

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, the protagonist plays cards with Anji and Sanju. He ends up winning each time and this annoys the two of them. Ambujanabham comes home at night and fires him with immediate effect. When Amrutham wonders how to run the house with no money, Anji suggests him to go to clubs and gamble. Initially, he wins, but eventually, Amrutham loses all of his money. Finally, he decides to buy a lottery ticket and try his luck. But when he looks at the ticket carefully, Amrutham finds out that the ticket has expired four months ago.  

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In this episode, Anji and Amrutham enjoy their siesta when Anji suddenly wakes up. He tells Amrutham about the dream that he had, in which he was flying an aeroplane with Amrutham as his co-pilot. Shanta and Sanju come home from their shopping spree. The men express their surprise and seeing them home so early. Shanta explains that they took the seven-seater autorickshaw, which is faster and cheaper. That’s when Anji suggests Amrutham should buy one of those and start a new business to earn some money until he gets a job again. 

Amrutham Episode 27 Stills
A still from Amrutham 

They collect funds somehow and buy a seven-seater autorickshaw. They continue to wait for the assigned driver, who does not show up. Finally, he decides to drive it himself and takes Anji along with him for moral support. However, they make many blunders on the first day. From driving in a one way to failing to take the right amount for the trip, and even, being caught by the traffic cops, they do it all. Amrutham comes back home from his first day as an auto driver and cribs about all the mistakes he made.

Anji, Shanta and Sanju give him hope to move forward. The next day, a few men from the auto drivers union come to meet Amrutham outside his house. They ask him to pay money for joining the union. That day, another officer asks for money, for breaking the traffic rules. By the end of the day, Amrutham gives up all hope and comes home. The next day, Anji brings a bullock-cart and claims how this vehicle would earn them money and will not be obliged to follow any rules. However, Anji gets down from the bullock cart only to fall under the cart and hurt himself.

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