Amrutham Episode 3 Written Update: Amrutham Makes His Boss Eat Dog Biscuits

In this episode of Amrutham, to keep the records clean, Amrutham asks his boss to eat the extra packet of dog biscuits. Read the full update here

Amrutham Episode 3 Stills

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, AmruthamAnji comes home with sweets to tell Amrutham and Sanju that they got a new phone connection. Everyone is happy for their own reasons. Anji does not pay the telephone operators well and they decide to mess with him. Anji and Amrutham fight with each other on-call all day, without knowing who they were talking to. The two men decide to fight it out and meet at a place. They find out what happened. Anji pays the operators and the two friends go back home. 

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In this episode, Amrutham rushes to office despite Sanju asking him to pray to god. Amrutham tries to start his bike but fails to do it, even after multiple attempts. Sanju drags Amrutham back inside the house. She tells him to pray well that will help him avoid facing such issues every day. Amrutham pretends to pray and quickly goes back to start his bike when Anji jumps off the wall and comes to meet him. He asks why Amrutham’s face was so dull when starting the day. Before Amurtham can answer, Anji shows the bike’s starter key and tells Amrutham that he had taken it to help start Shanta’s bike.

Instead of responding, Amrutham snatches it and goes to his office. In the office, Amrutham’s boss talks to the new employee and asks about his observations. The new employee starts talking about the choice of sarees of two employees and their nail-polishes. The boss feels enraged and scolds him. He goes to Amrutham’s desk only to find that he was late again. He informs another employee to send Amrutham to his cabin once he reaches. A lady comes to meet the boss and complains about her dog’s health, who started meow-ing, instead of barking after eating their (the company’s) dog biscuits. The lawyer, too, ends up eating these dog biscuits with his tea in the cabin. 

Amrutham Episode 3 Stills
Amrutham Episode 3 Stills


At a point, the lady gets an update that her dog is fine now. The boss tells them to get out, but this move hurts the lawyer’s ego. So, he calls the Food and Drug Administration, and asks them to conduct a raid at his office. Amrutham reaches and asks about the person who complained about his punctuality to the boss, as he walks towards the boss’ cabin. The boss asks Amrutham to be more careful and punctual, since he is the senior manager of the firm. As they check their ledgers and official records, the FDAI officers arrive for a random check. 

Amrutham is asked to lead the way to the godown and the boss is asked to stay inside his cabin. As Amrutham talks confidently about his boss and their work ethics, he realises that they may have an extra box of the biscuits in the office. He excuses himself and goes to the loo. Amrutham calls his boss and tells him about this blunder. When they fail to find a solution, he tells the boss to eat the extra packet of dog biscuits, since he cannot throw them or give it to someone else. With extreme difficulty, the boss does it. 

As he tries to chew the last biscuit in the pack, the FDAI Officers go to his cabin. They tell him that their godown, their stocks and the ledgers are maintained perfectly. However, there was one missing packet, which Amrutham mentioned must be in the boss’ cabin. They see the packet on the table and the biscuit in his mouth. One of the officers tells the boss that he did not have to put himself through this just because they asked him to stay inside the cabin. They thank him for his cooperation and leave. Amrutham tries to hide for his blunder.

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