Amrutham Episode 6 Written Update: Anji Falls Sick

In this episode of Amrutham, Anji finds out he is sick and the reason is hilarious. Read the full update here

Amrutham Episode 6 Stills

Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, Anji is beaten by a strange creature, who is described as “half-monkey and half-human”. He informs the press about it and the news picks up pace. Everyone starts fearing this strange creature. Amrutham, especially, refuses to sleep with the lights off and ensures that all the doors in his house are locked. When he tries to fall asleep, he sees a strange shadow from his window. Sanju forces him to be a man and face his fear. After beating up the man in his balcony, Amrutham finds out that it was Anji, who had come to his house for a cigarette. When the owner warns to not stay up late at night, Anji and Amrutham dress up as the strange creature and assault their owner. 

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In this episode, Sanju reminds Amrutham to get out of the restroom when he stays inside for a long time. Amrutham tells Sanju that he is unwell and wouldn’t go to the office. Sanju assumes that it is because he wants to watch the cricket match and forces him to go to work. In the office, Amrutham tells his boss that he won’t be able to work because of his stomach ache. The boss does not believe him either. This does not come as a surprise to him. He tells his colleague that his wife did not believe him, so there was no way his boss could do so. 

Amrutham goes home in the middle of the day. Sanju believes that he’s sick and reads a few chitikalu in a magazine that would help him. From drinking a special herbal drink to punching on the stomach and more, Sanju’s chitikalu scare Amrutham. She forces him to drink the juice and it does more harm than good. Amrutham ends up taking more leaves because of the stomach ache. They go to local doctors, hooeopaths and do all the necessary tests. Yet, Amrutham does not feel any better. One day, they go to a renowned surgeon. 

Amrutham Episode 6 Stills
A still from the episode

The doctor suggests Amrutham to do a few tests again, this time in his lab. The doctor gets a call from his wife, who informs that she is short on Rs 20,000 to buy the diamond necklace that she likes. The doctor tells her to not worry about the money and take the necklace. Once he hangs up the call, he suggests Sanju do the tests along with Amrutham too. They understand his intentions and leave because they “are not interested in funding his life”. Another doctor asks Amrutham to do a stool test the next day. The latter promises to take some time off from his work and visit the clinic. 

The next day, he goes to the office and ends up collecting the same in a matchstick box. He goes to the smoking area to meet his boss. Amrutham tells his boss about the situation and asks if he could take some time off. The boss taunts him for taking multiple leaves and allows him to go only for an hour. As Amrutham leaves, the boss asks him to handover a matchstick to light his cigarette. Amrutham gives it and goes to the clinic. The attendant asks if he was playing a prank on them by submitting a box of matchsticks instead of his sample. 

Amrutham says there has been a mistake and starts worrying about what would be happening in the office. He goes to the office and finds his boss emptying bottles and bottles of perfume to get rid of the smell. When Amrutham shows up to apologise, his boss yells at the top of his voice and asks him to get out. A few days later, Amrutham and Sanju go to a shop to get new clothes stitched. The tailor writes Amrutham’s waist size as 34 but Amrutham insists that it is 30. The tailor asks if he has been facing any sort of stomach ache and Sanju responds positively. The tailor tells them to try a pant of 34 size and his pain would disappear.

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