Arivaan – The Revelation Episode 25 Written Update: Who Is Siva Swami?

Laxmi tells Vishnu about a few past incidents related to his father. Vishnu wonders who's Sivasami & how is he connected to these murders.

Arivaan: The Revelation

In the previous episode of Arivaan – The Revelation, Bhanu expresses her gratitude to him for helping Hari. Later, Deva recalls the beginning of his friendship with Hari. Deva recollects the time when he had a near-death accident. In the same accident, Hari’s father loses his leg. So, Deva goes to the hospital to apologise to Hari’s father. Deva also reveals the truth that the accident happened because of his carelessness.

At first, Hari’s father asks him to leave and never return; but when he sees the kid (Deva) again at the hospital, he forgives him and tells him to be not guilty about the accident. Meanwhile, Akhila’s ex-boyfriend Vinod comes home to meet her after he sees her on the television show. But Akhila refuses to speak to Vinod. Elsewhere, Laxmi reveals the truth to Vishnu; She tells him about his father’s mysterious death.

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In tonight’s episode, Laxmi tells Vishnu about a few past incidents related to his father. Laxmi, who is on a hospital bed, tells her son that his father started acting weird ever since he learnt about Priya’s death. He started to take more interest in the news, the mother said. And one day, he said that it is strange to hear that the girls are dying in the exact same manner as Sivasami had told him. When Laxmi enquired about the man, Vishnu’s father did not tell her.

Vishnu wonders about the mysterious guy Sivasami and his connection with these murders. Meanwhile, Deva takes good care of Rani and apologises to Meera for his behaviour towards her. Elsewhere, Akhila goes on a walk at the park and meets Vinod. He once again makes an attempt at winning Akhila’s trust. Will Akhila forgive Vinod? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here’s what you need to know about Arivaan – The Revelation. The story revolves around Hari, a former police officer turned barber, who teams up with his estranged godbrother, Deva, in order to nab a serial killer. So, get ready to witness an action-packed thriller-drama as the two lawmen unearth shocking truths on their mission.

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