Arivaan-The Revelation Episode 37 Written Update: Hari Expresses His Love To Bhanu

Bhanu also confesses to Hari that she hasn't moved on yet. Read the full update.


In the previous episode of Arivaan – The Revelation, Deva calls Hari and asks him to meet outside. When they meet, Deva talks ill about Naga to see if Hari’s expression changes. Deva successfully instigates him and his reactions confirm that he is not Hari but Naga. Deva comes home and discovers that Rani is missing. Elsewhere Naga goes to meet Vishnu and tells him that he and Vishnu’s father are very good friends. He then enquires about the photographs Vishnu’s father left behind. Vishnu lies to Naga and maintains that he has burnt them all. Rani’s father comes home during his daughter’s absence. As Rani’s father taunts Deva, he talks disrespectfully to Rani’s father.

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In tonight’s episode, Bhanu takes care of Gauri as the latter becomes weak worrying about Akhila’s absence. Meanwhile, Rani lashes out at Deva for talking disrespectfully to her father. Hari meets Bhanu and professes his love to her. Bhanu too tells Hari that she hasn’t moved on and have always loved him.

Hari apologises to Bhanu while the latter tells him if Naga hadn’t existed, their life would have been different. Later, Hari visits Deva and discusses the story written by Meera for her short film. Deva doesn’t seem to be happy with the idea of Hari visiting his home.

Meanwhile, Vishnu asks his mother that if his father is a bad man then there are chances that he is bad too. However, his mother talks him out of it. Later, Deva meets Hari and apologises for his behaviour. He also tells him that there is nothing more important to him than Hari and his father. Is this another Deva’s another way to bring out the truth? Stay tuned.

If you are new to the series, here’s what you need to know about Arivaan – The Revelation. The story revolves around Hari, a former police officer turned barber, who teams up with his estranged godbrother, Deva, in order to nab a serial killer. So, get ready to witness an action-packed thriller-drama as the two lawmen unearth shocking truths on their mission.

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