Arivaan: The Revelation Episode 6 Written Update: Deva Recollects An Old Case From 2013

Deva remembers an old case to solve the mystery. He recalls how Hari interrogates a criminal Arun, breaks his silence, & manages to get his statement

In the previous episode of Arivaan – The Revelation, Hari meets Deva and tells him that he wants to help the latter find Shalini as it is the same person (serial killer) who had kidnapped Akhila. However, Deva refuses to talk to him or take his help. Later, Deva’s boss suspects Shalini’s boyfriend to be the kidnapper in the case. Deva, on the other hand, goes to the crime spot where they had found their first clue of 2013’s missing case.

Deva’s wife meets Bhanu at the hospital and notices that the latter had a breakdown. She asks her if she is okay. Bhanu tells her that she just handled a case of miscarriage and hence, she suffered a breakdown. Hari’s father talks to Deva and tries to seek his help for his son but the latter refuses to speak to him.

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In the sixth episode, Deva’s colleague tells him that he has got the permit to search Keshavan’s house but the latter asks him to not waste time behind the ex-boyfriend. Deva further tells him that the kidnapper is the serial killer and they need to find clues to nab him. However, his colleague turns a deaf ear to Deva. Later, Deva recollects a missing case of a school girl Priya from 2013.

When Priya had gone missing, Ramu, who was investigating the case, tries to get a statement out of a criminal Arun, but the latter refuses to speak. However, Hari interrogates him and manages to get his statement. Later Hari and Deva visit Priya’s house and enquire from her mother about the day she had gone missing.

Just then Hari notices that a woman is suspiciously staring at Priya’s house. So, he asks the woman about Priya. The lady reveals to him that she has seen Priya jumping out of the window twice. She furthers says that she did not see her on the day when she had gone missing.

Hari and Deva also interrogate Priya’s boyfriend, who tells them that they were supposed to meet that day but she did not turn up. So, Hari asks him about their meeting location. As Hari, Deva and his team reach the spot, the former finds an origami there. So he keeps it as a clue. While Deva recollects the time when they first found the origami (which indeed was a clue to the case), he receives a call and is asked to come to the 2013 crime spot. Who was on the call with Deva? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Arivaan – The Revelation. The story revolves around Hari, a former police officer turned barber, who teams up with his estranged godbrother, Deva, in order to nab a serial killer. So, get ready to witness an action-packed thriller-drama as the two lawmen unearth shocking truths on their mission.

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