Arjun Rampal Birthday Special: Thank You For Always Melting Our Screens By Just Being YOU

There are about a zillion reasons we can think of as to why we are so deeply, madly and truly in love with Arjun Rampal. He makes 47 look so good!

Arjun Rampal during a photoshoot

Arjun Rampal turns 47 on 26 November 2019. A fun fact: he is lying. Who looks like that at 47?

Arjun Rampal takes a selfie
(Image Source: Instagram)

The first time I saw Arjun Rampal walk into an Indoor theatre to promote Deewanapan, boy, I was bowled over. Often in life, we have moments where words don’t come out of our mouth, seeing this beautiful creation of God was one such moment for me. Delhi pollution would have had a tough time making it difficult for me to catch my breath then, because his alluring personality did the job just fine. The boyish charm of a tall, handsome young man cast a magic spell that remains intact even after all these years. Add to that the deep baritone, oh my gosh the voice, can you even know where to look and what to do when he is talking? The gaze, the enchanting eyes wrote a script of their own. Arjun pretty much defined the quintessential ‘Greek God’ looks for many like me, truly, madly, deeply, in love with him!

Arjun, who made his digital debut with ZEE5 Original The Final Call, earlier this year, celebrates his birthday today. On his special day, here’s a confession: 5 of the gazillion reasons why no man will ever match up to Arjun Rampal for me, and millions like me out there.

1. A living example of perfection! 

Arjun Rampal strikes a pose
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Literal embodiment of ‘if looks could kill.’ ‘Nuff said.

2. A jawline sharper than your knife

Arjun Rampal in a blue tee
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I mean, I don’t know where to look when he is staring at me like that. *sigh*

3. He is the ‘King of Cool’

Arjun Rampal in Rock On!!
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Name one actor who can look even half as good with a bandana, long hair, black aviators, a guitar in hand and take centre stage only to make us skip a beat. I’ll wait.

4. The only ‘ajnabee’ we’d want to be friends with

Arjun Rampal in the film Ek Ajnabee
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Be it Captain Karan Sachdev from The Final Call or Lt. Col. Rai Singh Yadav from Paltan or Shekhar Verma from Ej Ajnabee – there is no role you cannot love Arjun play! None.

5. The finest wine in the yard of Bollywood

Arjun Rampal at a photoshoot
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This Jabalpur boy has secured a permanent home in the hearts of his fans. Ageing like a fine wine, only getting better with age and time!

Here’s wishing God’s gorgeous creation Arjun Rampal a very happy birthday!