Asha Negi Opens Up About Kissing Scene in Baarish 2; Other Actors Who Went Bold On-Screen

In an interview, Asha revealed that she was a bit shy and embarrassed during the lip-lock scene, but her co-star Sharman made her comfortable.

Actors who went bold on-screen

bold scenes
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ZEE5 announced the second season of the romantic drama series Baarish, and audiences are very excited to witness the unusual love story between Anuj and Gauravi once again. The series featured Asha Negi and Sharman Joshi in lead roles, and their on-screen chemistry left everyone awestruck. A few days ago, the makers of Baarish released the teaser and trailer of Baarish 2 on ZEE5 channel, and since then the audiences can’t keep calm. 

The first season of Baarish was about Anuj and Gauravi who get married due to their families happiness and despite ups and downs how their bond survived. Now, in season 2 of Baarish, audiences will witness Anuj and Gauravi getting intimate with each other, and how things change between them. In the trailer, Anuj and Gauravi’s kissing scene raised a lot of eyebrows and left everyone stunned.

In an interview with a media portal, Asha Negi spoke about her lip-lock scene with her co-star Sharman Joshi in Baarish 2. Asha revealed that it was her first on-screen kiss as an actor, and she was feeling awkward. She even said that the director and her co-star Sharman tried to comfort her. Baarish 2 will start streaming on May 6, 2020 on ZEE5. Here we have a list of  characters who grabbed audiences’ attention by adding necessary spice in the shows with their bold avatars. Take a look at the couples who engaged in bold scenes on screen.

1. Gauravi and Anuj's lip lock in Baarish 2

source: zee5

In the second season of Baarish, Anuj and Gauravi will explore their married life and come close to each other. The couple take a step forward in their relationship, and can be seen getting into a physical relationship and adding spice in their bond.

2. Inder gets physical with Akriti and Reema in Shukranu

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Inder is a young man who stays in Delhi, and before marriage, he gets forcibly sterilized. He gets to know that he will not be able to be a father anytime now. After getting married to Reema, he leaves for Delhi and gets to know that his wife is pregnant. He gets to know that Reema is cheating on him and is having an affair. Later, Inder falls for a fashionable girl Akriti, and gets into a physical relationship with her. Soon, he gets to know that the doctors did not sterilize him properly and he is going to be a father soon. Inder gets romantic with Akriti and Reema, and he gets cosy with them.

3. Kusum Ganguly and Ronobir Chatterjee have romantic scenes in It Happened In Calcutta

It Happened In Calcutta
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It Happened In Calcutta’s lead couples Kusum Ganguly and Ronobir Chatterjee get intimate on-screen and their reel romance captured audiences’ hearts. Ronobir is a casanova while Kusum is the only female MBBS student in the college, The series has a very retro feel and Ronobir is seen advising Kusum to read the Playboy magazines and also explaining ‘to her about sex and how good it feels. The two also have an intimate kissing scene. The series is way ahead of the time it is set in.

4. Tarini gets cosy with her friend's finance in Fittrat

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Tarini is a small-town girl who has big dreams, and hates her normal lifestyle. She gets attracted to her best friend’s fiance and gets intimate with him. In their intimate scene, Tarini and Veer were seen getting cosy and kept the temperature soaring with their love.

5. Beas Banerjee gets intimate with Saikat Mitra

Kark Rogue
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In Kark Rogue, audiences witness some intimate moments between Beas Banerjee and Saikat Mitra. The two get romantic in the series and take their bond to a different level. Their intimate sequence kept the audiences glued to the show.

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