Baarish 2: How Anuj And Gauravi Prove That True Happiness Lies In The Little Things

Anuj-Gauravi's imperfect love story teaches everyone how true happiness can be found in simple things. Baarish 2 premiered on 6 May 2020 on ZEE5.

The secret to a happily ever after!

baarish 2
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The upcoming romantic drama series Baarish season 2, is all set to impress audiences with the impeccable on-screen chemistry between Anuj and Gauravi. The series will premiere from May 6, 2020, and features Asha Negi and Sharman Joshi in lead roles. The first season of Baarish, received overwhelming love from the audience, and due to the success of the series, makers launched the second instalment of the show. 

The story of Baarish revolves around Anuj, a rich diamond merchant, who marries a middle-class girl, Gauravi for the happiness of his family. The two witness several ups and downs in their life but stick to each other. In the second season, audiences will witness Anuj and Gauravi’s new life wherein they explore their married life. 

The imperfect love story between Anuj and Gauravi has taught everyone that true happiness lies in small things. The beautiful couple has taught us that to keep each other happy, one does not need expensive gifts but the little things that the partner does makes the other one happy. The secret to a happily married life lies within little things that a couple does for one another and is worth more than a million dollars! 

Here we have a list of things that make Anuj and Gauravi happy, take a look at it:

1. Vada Pav, cutting chai and a walk in the rains

source: zee5

In the entire series, Baarish (rains) plays a pivotal role in Anuj and Gauravi’s life. Rains get them closer to each other and create magic between them. Anuj and Gauravi enjoy doing simple little things together like having vada pav with cutting chai over some sweet conversations. They love getting drenched in the rains, just like mostly all of us. Anuj and Gauravi spend quality time together by sitting on the seashore, talking to each other. Anuj and Gauravi make us believe that food, chai and rains is all one ever needs to make everything perfect.

2. A hug from the right person fixes everything

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Well, someone has rightly said that ‘a hug from the right person does make the difference’. This proverb stands true in Anuj and Gauravi’s life. Right from being strangers, to becoming important for each other, Anuj and Gauravi’s love for each other grows gradually. The two have taught us that a hug is the perfect medicine for a healthy relationship. Having a bad day at work, or winning appreciation at a conference, Anuj and Gauravi have stood beside each other and always have each other’s back.

3. Family comes first

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Anuj and Gauravi have made us learn the importance of having a family and standing by them. The two get married to each other to make their families happy. Anuj is the one who is always seen helping Gauravi’s family, by providing them with financial help. He is the one who launches Gauravi’s sister as a model, and fights with his brother Rishi, for his wife’s self-respect.

4. Togetherness and special moments

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Both Anuj and Gauravi make each other forget the rest of the world when they are together. The two create good moments together and stay happy always.

5. Love is all we need

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Anuj and Gauravi’s love for each other make them complete and they are not afraid to love each other selflessly. Their unconditional love for one another is what makes them happy. In the series, Gauravi is seen teaching Anuj English, and giving him the confidence to represent himself as the head of the business. Gauravi’s love makes Anuj a better person and gives him confidence. For them love is all they need.