Baarish Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Anuj And Gauravi Get Married!

In the latest episode of Baarish, Anuj-Gauravi and Aniket-Shreya get married. Anuj and Gauravi spend an awkward but hilarious wedding night in a hotel


In the previous episode of Baarish, Shreya-Aniket and Anuj-Gauravi practise dancing for their sangeet ceremony. Anuj and Gauravi hesitate to dance and feel shy. Anuj and his mother both convince Rishi to attend the two weddings. Shreya and Gauravi’s mehendi ceremony begins. Falguni comes to attend the function and she tells Anuj that she is happy that he has moved on in life. Gauravi is surprised to know about Anuj’s past relationship with Falguni. Rishi tells Falguni that he will make Gauravi regret marrying Anuj.

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In the latest episode, Aniket tells Asmi to shift into the hall as her room will now be occupied by Shreya. Asmi panics and says it is her room. Gauravi convinces Asmi. On the other hand, Anuj’s friends give him marriage tips. Shreya and Aniket flirt with each other and get naughty. The next day, Gauravi-Anuj and Aniket-Shreya get engaged. Their families are overwhelmed seeing them happy. Rishi comes to attend Shreya’s wedding and she beams with joy at her brother’s presence.

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Gauravi and Anuj panic on their wedding day. Anuj’s mother says that they promised that they will arrange grand wedding ceremonies. Rishi says that he made a special arrangement for his sister. Anuj-Gauravi and Aniket-Shreya get married. After the wedding, Anuj and Gauravi arrive at a hotel to spend their wedding night. Shreya and Aniket get romantic while on the other side, Anuj-Gauravi feel awkward with each other. They spend a hilarious wedding night in the room.

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