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A humorous family drama, Babbar Ka Tabbar addresses the generation gap between millennials and parents.Watch it with your crazy family, thank us later

How to Bridge Generation Gap As Parents - Babbar Ki Tabbar shows us how

Babbar Ka Tabbar
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Since time is ever moving forward and change is inevitable, the values, tastes and outlook on life are different with each generation. It is this difference that is called a generation gap. This often causes a lack of communication and understanding between the two generations since their view of the world was coloured by how society functioned during their adolescence.

ZEE5 Original Babbar Ka Tabbar is a family show that deals hilariously with the adjustments and ideology clashes between millennials and their parents. The show revolves around eccentric parents who are trying their best to communicate well with their kids by trying to be cool. Having this show in mind, we have curated a few tips which might help you to have a good and healthy relationship with your children too.

1. Communication

Communication is the key. The lack of communication between you and your parents is the reason for the distance. You need to be on talking grounds with your parents. Remember Mrs Babbar? She never leaves any stone unturned when it comes to communicating with her children

2. Be Willing To Bridge Generation Gap

Be open and willing to change your rigid structure and thinking. You must try to be flexible in your thoughts, actions, and ideas and keep up with the pace of time. Be open to try a different approach if needed. Just try to have a suit your parenting style with your children’s needs. Learn technologies, social media and be their friend. Mr Babbar and his wife never give up. They try their best to learn new things like being on social media.

3. Be More Open

Be more open. This is very important. Times have changed, thinking as well. There is hardly any stigma in Gen Y. Gen Y is free from the toxic thing called judgemental attitude. So, you need to be more accepting and open. Keeping an open mind during interactions enables everyone to see things through the other’s eyes. Having orthodox thinking would disturb the relationship you and your children have. Remember, how Mr Babbar and his wife tried so hard to be cool an chill in front of their children’s friends when they came over to their house.

4. No More Clinging

Bridging the Gap never means taking over their space. Space is important for them to understand and take charge of their life. So, they can grow and learn from their mistakes and have their experiences. Let them have their world where they choose their type of people and learn their lesson by their mistakes. Have you watched Mrs Babbar how protective she is of his son but she never goes and hold his hand? She let him get up on his own. She let him cook in fact she teaches. They also let go of their daughter who wanted to stay out of her house. They respected her decision.

5. Listen and Share

To listen to means to receive, focus and understand. While growing up, at some point or the other, we have all been at the receiving end of our parents’ lectures about perfection. But it’s time to do away with that approach and replace it with one where you try to understand what your teen desires to convey. Remember, what they have to say is an extension of herself which they want you to understand; so, listening should be your priority. Of course, the final say is still yours but do it graciously. When Mr Babbar and his wife suspected their son’s sexual orientation, they sat him down to talk and listen. They didn’t go hysterical.

The Babbar family makes sure that you learn something new with every episode and the ending leaves you a sweet smile. Watching Babbar Ka Tabbar will allow you to take a peek into the minds of the kids, as the teens are stupefied about what on earth has taken over their otherwise sensible parents. That’s why go ahead and watch Babbar Ka Tabbar only on ZEE5.

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