Bablu Dablu, GG Bond – 5 New Films, Shows On ZEE5 Kids That Your Child Can Watch

Are your kids hating staying indoors during the lockdown? They won't anymore, as ZEE5 Kids has new films and shows to keep them entertained!

1. Mr. Black

The ongoing national lockdown is proving to be a task for parents as they are looking for creative ways to keep their children engaged. Well, we definitely advise you to strictly adhere to the rules and keep your kids safe at home. But doing this can be made easier if the over-energetic tiny souls get their regular dose of entertainment and games. Kids are naturally confused about the current situation and have no idea why they are being forced to stay at home. They are skipping school and are unable to play with their friends. As a result, their crankiness may be a side-effect which is completely understandable. ZEE5 has an intelligent fix for your kids to enjoy their indoor time. This specially curated list of shows and movies on the exclusive ZEE5 Kids section on the app would keep them hooked as well as help them learn and grow.

Here is an example of GG Bond’s episode.

The first film we recommend is Mr. Black, based on a black detective cat. Inspector Black Cat solves a murder mystery and tries to get catch the murderer. This thriller is perfect for your child if he/she is into this genre and loves crime-solving films.

2. GG Bond

Loosely based and adapted from the fairytale Jack And The Beanstalk, the film tells the story of a cute little piglet who turns into a superhero to the world comprising of fairies. There are four films in the series of GG Bond namely GG Bond Hatching, GGBond 2, GG Bond Movie: Ultimate Battle and GG Bond: The Guarding.

3. Bablu Dablu

Bablu Dablu is a fun animated series based on two bear brothers who turn against an evil logger, Lakkha. The logger wants to chop off all the trees in a forest and turn it into his lumberyard but Babloo Dabloo won’t let this happen. There are four films in the series of bear brothers namely Bablu Dablu – To The Rescue, Bablu Dablu – A Mystical Winter, Bablu Dablu – Robo Rumble and Bablu Dablu – Homeward Journey.

4. Eena Meena Deeka

Eena Meena Deeka is an animated show which is based on the life of three birds with the same names as the title. Their adventures are depicted through different episodes in the show. Don’t miss this one!

5. Chota Buddha

The show revolves around the life of a small boy known as Chota Buddha who is the follower of Budhha, hence the name. The small boy’s adventures and his trials which often land him in trouble is the basic theme of this show. It also has other prominent characters like Imli, Roya Highness the King.

These shows and films are great sources of entertainment and would definitely keep your kids occupied.

Meanwhile, you can also watch ZEE5 Originals, movies, and shows streaming on ZEE5!

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