Bablu Dablu: Your Kids Will Laugh So Hard Watching This Comedy Of Errors

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Bablu Dablu Bears is one of the most popular animated ZEE5 series

bablu dablu
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Bablu Dablu is one of the most popular animated TV shows on ZEE5. The animated character is dubbed by Aditi Singh as Chintu and Natasha, Anuj Pratap Singh as Dabloo and Lala, Utkarsh as Babloo And Rancho, and Junaid as Lakha and Boss. The series instantly gained a lot of popularity among Chinese kids and the makers translated it in several languages and gave its rights to other countries. The series is produced by Fantawild Holdings Inc. The cartoon series is about two lovable brothers Bablu and Dablu and a logger Vick who plans to cut down the trees in the forest. ‘Comedy Of Errors’ is a popular phrase which is used to describe a situation which is full of mistakes but is funny. Lets’s take a look at how ZEE5 animated TV show Bablu Dablu is a comedy of errors.

1. Vick bribes Dablu

In the first episode, the two bear bears Bablu and Dablu manage to stop logger Vick from cutting down the trees in the forest. Bablu is the elder brother and more fierce. While Dablu is lazy and loves eating food especially honey. Dablu meets logger Vick and is about to attack him when he smells good food. Dablu gets bribed by chocolate bars and Vick thinks he will keep him as his bodyguard. But Bablu gets to know Vick’s plan and decided to team up with other forest animals. Dablu destroys logger Vick’s truck with a chainsaw but he offers him more food. Bablu instead of getting bribed swallows the food and continues damaging the truck. Vick fires at Dablu but gets attacked by Bablu instead. Vick begs for mercy and runs away from the forest but plans to take revenge.

2. Vick's plan fails miserably

In the third episode, logger Vick plucked fruits from the trees. Bablu and Dablu lose their calm as Vick destroys their forest. In anger, the brothers enter Vick’s house and take all the basket of fruits with them. As Vick enters, he finds out that his house is robbed. He decides to teach bears the lesson. He injects the fruits with spicy water and delivers them to the bears. But Vick’s plan fails when the bear brothers enjoy eating the spicy fruits.

3. Bablu and Dablu play various pranks

In the fourth episode, logger Vick comes to cut down the trees and Warren (squirrel) runs for help. Dablu plans to teach Vick a lesson for life. Seeing the Dablu, Vick runs away but comes back after he is gone. Bablu and Dablu plan to make Vick believe that Warren is a tough guy and he cannot mess with him. The two bears play a series of pranks with logger Vick.

4. Panda

In the next episode, Bablu while reading newspaper gets to know that a giant panda has run away from the zoo. This news inspires Bablu and he decides to have a panda costume play. Along with the bear brothers and Warren go to logger Vick’s house after changing their appearance. Logger Vick reads about the lost panda news and reaches home. He gets scared seeing the panda but later gets to know that it was a fake panda.

5. Vick plans to trap bear brothers

Logger Vick goes to cut down the trees and encloses small grove with electric wire around the area. He plans to trap the bear brothers. But Bablu discovers the trap and roams around it. Vick gets confused seeing Bablu inside the grove and thinks why is he not hurt? As he goes to checks the wires, he gets an electric shock. Later, Vick fences electric wires around bears dwelling. Bablu sees the wires and uses it to grill barbecue. Vick who is hiding and watching overt the bear brothers gets tempted with the smell of the barbecue. As he rushes to eat the food, he falls off the tree and is grilled by the bears on his electric wires.

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