Best Of The Best: 10 Popular Movies That You Need To Catch Up With Over This Week

We got you a compilation of the top movies like Bus Stop and Mahalaya that you certainly don't want to miss! Details inside.

1. Bus Stop

This one is for all you movie buffs out there! We made a compilation of some of the best films that you can watch, which are available to stream on the ZEE5 platform for your viewing pleasure. You can never go wrong with these classics, so sit back and get ready for endless entertainment with the following films. Scroll down to check out the list.

Bus Stop is a Bengali short film starring Souman Bose and Anuradha Mukherjee. During a bus journey, Neel (played by Souman) falls in love with a beautiful girl he sees for the first time. However, he loses her once she reaches her stop. How far will Neel go to find this girl whose name he is not even aware of? Will they meet again? Watch to find out!

2. Ganashatru

Ganashatru is a famous drama from 1990, directed by the legendary Satyajit Ray, starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Ruma Guha Thakurta, Mamata Shankar, and Dhritiman Chatterjee. Ashoke Gupta, an honest doctor, finds an alarming spread of jaundice among his patients. His quest to find the root of this fast-spreading disease leads him to the contaminated holy water of the Tripureshwar temple in Chandipur. With local politicians and civic authorities standing in his way, will Ashoke be able to get the water cleansed?

3. Mahalaya

Mahalaya is a 2019 drama starring Subhasish Mukhopadhyay and Jisshu Sengupta. The film brings to screen the remarkable true incident from 1976 when Bengal’s biggest superstar, Uttam Kumar, replaced Birendra Krishna Bhadra for an All India Radio show, Mahisasura Mardini, and the hue and cry that followed.

4. Amar Artanad

Amar Artanad is a drama film that released this year, starring Arpita Chatterjee, Soumitra Chatterjee, Manoj Mitra, and Joy Sengupta. The story revolves around a female lawyer who stands against all odds to fight against social evils such as misogyny and discrimination, after a traumatic incident where a young girl experiences sexual assault while at school. An intense drama with a powerful message, this film will make a strong impact on you.

5. Panther: Hindustan Meri Jaan

Panther: Hindustan Meri Jaan is a 2019 Bengali action thriller starring Jeet, Shraddha Das, Saswata Chatterjee, and Sourav Chakraborty. A terrorist group seeking the release of their leader threatens to attack and destroy India. An undercover agent called Panther (played by Jeet) is called in to eliminate the terrorists and save India. Watch as he takes on this challenge headlong!

6. Thai Curry

Three friends living a carefree life in Thailand get into trouble with a mafia gang. Thai Curry, a movie from 2019, is the hilarious tale of their attempt to escape. The film stars an extensive cast of actors including Soham Chakraborty, Hiraan Chatterjee, Rudranil Ghosh, Saswata Chatterjee, Pallavi Chatterjee, Abhijit Guha, Rachel White, Trina Saha, Poulomi Das, Ayoshi Talukdar, and Sayan Ghosh. It has been directed by Ankit Aditya. Watch it for an absolute laugh riot of an experience!

7. Ekchakra

Ekchakra is a 2019 action drama film starring Priyanka Rati Pal, Indrasish Roy, Sugato Roy, and Garima Ghosh. When Zoya Rehman, a brave female police officer, gets transferred to a village called Ekchakra, she discovers that the village is a gateway for sex trafficking. Zoya sets out to expose Bakrakshas, a powerful criminal who heads the trafficking mafia. Will she succeed?

8. Ghare & Baire

Ghare & Baire is a romantic comedy film from 2018, starring Jisshu Sengupta and Koel Mallick in the lead roles. Directed by Mainak Bhaumik, the plot follows Amit, an aspiring musician who returns to Kolkata in pursuit of his original dream of making music and give up the life of corporate drudgery in Mumbai. He hopes to convey his feelings for Labonya but hits a roadblock when under family pressure, she agrees to marry an NRI.

9. Elar Char Adhyay

Elar Char Adhyay is a 2012 romantic film starring Paoli Dam, Indraneil Sengupta, Rudranil Ghosh, and Arunima Ghosh. Ela is a teacher during the British era who joins a group to fight for India’s independence. Indranath, who is the leader of the group, is leaving no stone unturned to succeed. In the meantime, Ela falls in love for Atindra and she is caught in a dilemma whether to choose her country or the man who she loves. What will Ela do now? Will she sacrifice her romance or her patriotism?

10. Season's Greetings

Season’s Greetings is a short film directed by Ram Kamal Mukherjee as a tribute to the late Rituparno Ghosh, the iconic filmmaker and actor. Starring Celina Jaitley and Lillette Dubey, the movie explores the mother-daughter relationship between Romita and Suchitra, and has been shot in Kolkata. Romita wants to introduce her mother to her live-in boyfriend and wonders how she will receive him, but her mother has something to tell her about her own personal life that surprises Romita.

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