BFF Vs Boyfriend: Nakuul Mehta-Anya Singh, Krystle D’souza- Anushka Ranjan Play A Fun Game

In this fun BFF vs Boyfriend game, actors from ZEE5 Original series Never Kiss Your Best Friend And Fittrat, prove who knows who better! Watch video.

Nakuul Mehta, Anya Singh and Mohit Hiranandani - Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Who knows you better and whom would you call when you’re sad? Two of our favourite ZEE5 Original series portray the intricate and often complicated relationship of girls with their best friends and with their boyfriends. Never Kiss Your Best Friend and Fittrat explore this theme with everything good, bad and ugly about it. While the shows are a mix of plot twists, melodrama, romance and comedy, these two video clips are absolutely fun. Let’s take a look at the lighter side, where Nakuul Mehta with Anya Singh (Sumer-Tanie) and Krystle D’Souza with Anushka Ranjan (Tarini-Amrita) reveal more about themselves on a personal level.

BFF vs BOO: Never Kiss Your Best Friend revolves around Tanie, very much like her best friend Sumer. The two have a long history together and in the show have been reunited after 5 years. Now, Tanie also has a boyfriend!

Tanie, seated between her BFF and Boo, has to subject them to a set of questions to see which of them knows her better and whom she is closer to. The boyfriend (Mohit Hiranandani) is sure that he’s going to win, but Sumer isn’t willing to concede defeat just yet. The rules are simple: Tanie asks the question, and the boys have to answer together. The one with the most correct answers wins.

The first question Tanie asks is “What is my favourite food?” An overconfident boyfriend jumps in with “aloo paratha” but he’s wrong. Sumer wins this round with his answer – “rajma chawal“. Tanie reminds them of the rule that they both have to answer together. The game progresses and the final question is: “Whom do I love more, Sumer or my boyfriend?” Do you want to know the answer? Well, hop on to Zee5 and watch Never Kiss Your Best Friend!

Krystle D'Souza and Anushka Ranjan - Fittrat

BFF vs Boyfriend: The leading ladies of Fittrat, Krystle D’Souza and Anushka Ranjan team up in a fun little game. BFF vs Boyfriend has the ladies answering questions about whether they would choose their best friend or boyfriend in certain situations. The fun part about this little teaser is that the on-screen best friends are best friends in real life too!

With their long history of genuine friendship, it’s really cool to hear who they would choose for what. The two are very comfortable in each other’s presence and the questions are great fun. The on-screen friendship in Fittrat however, is something quite different. You have to see it, to believe it!

Who are you closer to, your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend?
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If you want to know Sumer and Tanie’s roller-coaster relationship, watch Never Kiss Your Best Friend on ZEE5 Originals now!

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