Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal Is a Big Foodie. Here’s Why

The actor is a true-blue Bengali who relishes Bengali cuisine. From posto to mutton pulao, he loves them all.


It is hard to say no to good food. It is even harder to turn your back at good Bengali food. It doesn’t matter if you are a health freak who runs to the gym at the drop of a hat, some rice served with posto bata or katla macher kalia are nothing short of love. Ask Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar actor Chandan Roy Sanyal. The actor seems to understand the very spirit of a foodie, and his Instagram is downright mouth-watering. Take a look.

Here is all that made us reach out to food-ordering apps.

A regular Bengali meal at its grandest. Picking up the staple rice and some flavourful side dishes like boiled mashed bitter gourd with potatoes, fish curry, daal and chicken papaya stew, Roy seems to be taking his fans on a rather sumptuous ride.

Chandan seems to have a thing for simple but delicious dishes. On his plate? Jhinge bodi posto, daal, papod bhaja, begun bhaja, desi ghee, gobindo bhog rice. Like a true-blue Bengali, the end result of this mouth-watering meal is sleep.

No Bengali will ever say no to well-cooked dimer jhol or egg curry. Also on his plate are mooshoor dal, aam chutney, aloo kumro with steamed rice and a slice of lebu and lonka on the side. Slurp!

The Ganesh Talkies actor totally digs homemade food. He makes sure that wherever he goes, his meals are always homemade and not delivered from outside.

Cooking mutton pulao takes serious skills. This one, cooked by Chandan, looks appetising. Don’t you agree?

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