Biplab, Bhaskar, Jonaki: A Look At The Lead Characters In The Latest Bengali Film Nirontor

These main characters are the key players in this beautiful new movie which stars the inimitable Prosenjit. Read on!

The latest Bangla drama film on ZEE5 is Nirontor, which stars the veteran actor Prosenjit, along with actors like Ankita Majhi and Satyam Bhattacharya. Directed by Chandrasish Ray, Nirontor is a sensitive and poignant ode to life and the affectionate relationships that are formed during its course. The movie is quite minimalist in its approach — not crowded with too many characters nor bombastic in its plot and portrayal. This aspect is exactly what makes Nirontor as effective and beautiful as it is. Here’s a look at all the main characters in the film who are instrumental to the story and make a major impact on the viewer.

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1. Biplab

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Biplab, played by superstar Prosenjit, is a middle-aged engineer. He is mostly serious in his expression and almost stoical in his disposition. Biplab enjoys his alcohol, and loves sharing drinks after a long day of work when he can loosen up and relax as much as possible. He is kind, patient and hard working, and even though you can see that life has worn him down a fair bit, he persists in moving forward with his head held high.

2. Bhaskar

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Bhaskar, played by Satyam Bhattacharya, is Biplab’s junior at work. He is a freshman in the company, and is very young. In fact he is separated from Biplab by an entire generation! Left to his own devices, he would probably keep to himself, but in the remote mountains of North Bengal, he strikes up an unlike friendship with Bhaskar. He seems a bit sullen and irritable at first, but this is because of the circumstances at the time. Anyone would get cranky if they were completely cut off from their loved ones at home with no phone signal! However, Biplab makes an effort to bond with him, and they warm up to each other in no time.

3. Jonaki

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Jonaki, played by Ankita Majhi, is Biplab’s wife. She is also much younger than Biplab, and even though they had a wonderful marriage, a twice-striking tragedy has taken a toll on her and made her resign herself to a deep depression. Jonaki was a fabulous musician earlier but now, she prefers to do nothing much other than sleeping. This has made Biplab extremely sad and lonely himself, but he stays true to her and continues to look after her until she shows any signs of improvement. Even though Jonaki is suffering, you can tell that there is a quiet flame burning away beneath the surface which simply needs encouragement and nourishment, which Biplab tries his best to give her. Their relationship has been portrayed heartrendingly, and is an integral part of Nirontor.

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