Birthday Special: 12 Quotes To Remind The World Why Sachin Tendulkar Is The God Of Cricket

Today, the God of cricket aka Sachin Tendulkar turns 47 and it's time everyone knows why he is hailed, in the whole wide world without discrimination.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is known as the greatest batsman of our times. In his 24-year-long career, he has made several records and yet none of them involved him in any type of controversy.

With the most genuine smile plastered on his face at all him, Sachin has proved that he wasn’t your regular man. He was something more. He continues to be something more. Today, as the hero of our nation turns 47, we decided to embark on a journey which proves why he is the god of cricket.

Sachin is a hero, who will be mentioned for years and years to come – in conversations, in prayers, in films and in fiction. One of the best examples is actor Nani’s 2019 film, Jersey. The movie was also Telugu’s first sports drama. Although the hero of the film is Nani, the conflict begins with a poster of Sachin in his son’s room. Well, that’s how you know he is a legend.

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